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3 Easy, Delicious, And Beautiful Champagne New Years Eve Cocktails

Champagne cocktails

Hope you enjoyed our Facebook live! Pop the bubbly and prepare to have your taste buds blown with these 3 super easy and super cute New Years Eve champagne cocktails! Not only are they easy but all the supplies you need will likely already be found in your kitchen. First things first though, before you start whipping out glorious cocktails left and right you have to make sure you have enough bubbly to go around!

6 glasses is the standard amount per champagne bottle. So if you have 10 guests and you want them to be able to have 3 drinks each then you'd need 6 bottles of bubbly! You get the idea. Now on to the recipes! And, for those of you who love your champagne straight, you can keep it just as it is but garnish it cutely like the image above from Trading Paper Crowns.

If you missed our #FacebookLive check it out below. Where we make all the recipes you see in this post. Making all your favorite New Year's Eve cocktails.

Sparkling Julep Cocktail

Sparkling Julep Cocktail

Whip this cocktail up in a mere 5 seconds! What you need: champagne, sugar cubes, and something to use as a garnish. You can get creative as you want with your garnish! Chez Us opted to use a lemon twist but we prefer a twist on the mint julep and garnish it with fresh mint!

We've also seen pomegranate seeds, orange peels, fresh berries, the sky's the limit! What to do: pour the champagne into the glass, add a sugar cube, add your garnish, and voila!

pink pom mocktail and cocktail

Pink Pom Cocktail & Mocktail

This next recipe is courtesy of Go Go Go Gourmet and is called the Pomegranate Lemon Sparkler but we like to call it the Pink Pom for short! 

What you need: 1 oz pomegranate juice, 1 oz lemonade, 3-4 oz Fre Brut Champagne (for mocktails, contains less than 0.5% alcohol) or your choice of champagne (for cocktails), mint sprig for garnish. What to do: add pomegranate juice to glass, add lemonade, top it off with champagne and garnish!

cotton candy cocktail

Cotton Candy Cocktail

Last, but definitely not least, is our personal favorite, because who doesn't like cotton candy!! This recipe is ultra easy and as you can see in the photo above from Lauren Conrad, super easy on the eyes as well.

What you need: champagne and cotton candy! Get as fancy as you want with your cotton candy, and if you're feeling adventurous branch out to some bold flavors as well! What to do: add cotton candy fluff to your glass and pour champagne over the top. Enjoy!

You may have seen on our Facebook Live that we opted for blue cotton candy and Blanc De Bleu Sparkling Wine for an extra fun twist. The cotton candy is from Chocolate Storybook. They have a variety of flavors like banana, apple and even bacon.

Th glasses used in our Facebook Live are from Bed Bath and Beyond's Olivia and Oliver collection.