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Why We Wish We Could Score Invites to Sarah and Wells’ Wedding

Why We Wish We Could Score Invites to Sarah and Wells’ Wedding Photo from:

Anyone else still not done stalking Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams’ feeds since yesterday? Because, inevitably, every time I’ve gotten on the Gram in the last 24+ hours, I’ve found myself watching their stories - those tinnnnnyyy little dash marks (which I usually peace out from after one or two - -) - and actually committing to the whole thing. If that’s not obsession, I don’t know what is.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, please just get online, because these two just got engaged yesterday, July 16th, and I’m pretty sure every celebrity and reality star has since congratulated them on the news. Cutest couple in the whole. damn. world. I thought about it after it happened, and considering how close Hannah Brown is to her finale (July 29th and 30th) and the Bachelor in Paradise kids are to their premiere (August 5th), it’s interesting timing… stealing some thunder Wellsy? We don’t care, though, because this is hands down the summer engagement we care about the most. #sorrynotsorry.

Now, obviously we could talk about Sarah’s oval engagement ring - and how absolutely stunning it is - or the fact that on National Emoji Day (that’s today, BTW), Sarah had the perfect Insta comment to her new FIAAANCÉÉÉÉÉ’s post 👇

Why We Wish We Could Score Invites to Sarah and Wells’ Wedding

But, instead, we thought it’d be even more fun to imagine their future wedding, as those who stan usually do. Even though it’ll probs be a while till any wedding planning actually starts, it’s okay for us to start making predictions, right?

Why We Wish We Could Score Invites to Sarah and Wells’ Wedding Photo from:

Their guest list will bring together their Modern Family and Bachelor Nation 


Just look at the plethora of people who sent all the good vibes their way following their announcement. Apart from everyone else in Hollywood (who love them just as much as we do), both Sarah and Wells’s cast mates shared how insanely excited they were for the lovebirds. We’d want to be there JUST to witness the dynamic between both these groups, because something tells us Julie Bowen and Jesse Tyler Ferguson would be fast besties with their ABC reality counterparts... Evan Bass especially! 

Their vows will be epic


If their Insta tributes to each other (on birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc.) are any indication, these two will definitely have the most amazing, emotional handwritten vows ever. They both speak SO highly of each other and are always in each other’s corners, not to mention, Sarah has been so vocal about how Wells has helped her through major health hurdles in the last few years - even when they hadn’t been together for that long. They love each other HARD and when they get married, we can bet that they’ll have everyone crying with their words.

Their dogs will be a huge part of the ceremony 


Both Sarah and Wells have publicly said that their dogs will be an important part of their wedding day. And if you follow them on social, you know that they’re not kidding. Their pooches are such a priority, on the daily, so on such an incredible occasion as their wedding, they’ll be there, no doubt. Not sure how they’ll do it, but we can’t wait to see their bridal party debuts...

Why We Wish We Could Score Invites to Sarah and Wells’ Wedding Photo from:

Their signature cocktails will be bangin'


Wells has been our favorite part of BIP for the last few seasons, and he’s been picking up ALL the mixology skills as Paradise’s resident bartender and therapist (maybe? He def fakes it till he makes it, regardless)... so, some on-point signature cocktails will for sure be involved in their wedding day. Hoping Jorge might make an appearance and cover for his boy while he ties the knot, though… we’d be down. 


Their after party might very well be sponsored by Taco Bell

Why We Wish We Could Score Invites to Sarah and Wells’ Wedding Photo from:

Some couples love pizza, some couples love ice cream, some couples love sushi, and some couples need burgers and fries to be their best, most complete selves. For Sarah and Wells, it’s Taco Bell. They legit have TB fire sauce coursing through their veins, anddd Wells actually DM propositioned Sarah with a date for “drinks and tacos" over two years ago, which catalyst their entire relationship. So, if Taco Bell isn’t somehow woven into their wedding, we’ll probably 💩💩💩 ourselves.


Pleaseeee, favorites, invite us to your wedding?!?!! We’re pretty awesome.

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