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We Lived for Joe and Sophie’s White Party Rehearsal Dinner

We Lived for Joe and Sophie’s White Party Rehearsal Dinner Photo from:

We still haven’t gotten much tea on #Jophie’s South of France wedding this weekend (and I was kind of getting myself ready, because Sophie has mentioned how much of a royal wedding feel she wanted… I thought I’d need to be up hella early to start documenting the day). Yes, a couple blurred, aerial shots of Sophie’s alleged LV cap-sleeved, ball gown have circulated, but until I have something from the couple or luxury design house itself, I’m not going that way…. Blurred photos won’t do Sansa Stark justice, noooope.

That said, while we wait for official photos to drop, we can talk about one aspect of their wedding that we’re all about: the white party for their rehearsal dinner. According to ELLE, the middle Jonas and his maiden invited guests - including sibs and Jsisters, MOH Maisie Williams, model Ashley Graham, among others - out to Hotel La Mirande in Avignon on Friday evening. And instead of wearing white themselves, they asked their squad to step out in the signature wedding color. They wore red, which seems pretty poetic for someone who wants to flip that narrative of a certain red wedding on its head. And, you know, own it.

We Lived for Joe and Sophie’s White Party Rehearsal Dinner Photo from:

Again, we didn’t get a ton of pics to provide any ‘color’ on the evening (yet, we have hope that someone other than Diplo will post something soon), but the place it happened was gorgeous, the meal was probably life-altering, and the guys and girls who celebrated with the guests of honor looked 👌🏻.

Now, sure, we’ve mentioned in the past how brides have white on lockdown from the beginning of their engagement right on through till their honeymoon - especially brides who just look effing amazing in white on the reg, Sophie - but we think it’s a great idea to issue a white dress code, specifically for the night before the wedding… why?

We Lived for Joe and Sophie’s White Party Rehearsal Dinner Photo on:

Well, here’s why:
  • There’s a certain festive energy that comes with wearing white. Ever attended an all-white wardrobe after-party when you’ve been on vacation? I’m pretty sure that has always been my favorite activity on the resort’s agenda for the week. People are more excited, they’re feeling themselves (Kevin and Danielle, c’mon, #couplegoals4life), plussss, if you’re on vacay, nothing looks better on a sunkissed and tan body than a white dress or tailored suit.

  • It’s a great way to welcome your VIPs and kick off the wedding weekend. Not to say that a party packed with good-looking guests wearing every color of the rainbow seems unorganized, but a preemptive call by the couple to have a dress code seems streamlined and strategic. If you have that heads up, too, to bring a white ensem for the first night there, you can avoid overpacking (maybe even just a little bit). The pictures that turn up at the end of the night look awesome, too, and very wedding appropriate. When people start stalking your wedding weekend on Insta, they’ll see this first series of pics and suddenly feel ALL the FOMO.

  • If you’re the bride, you don’t have to worry about anyone stealing your shade thunder on actual w-day. Maybe this was Sophie’s endgame the whole time, but apparently the actress never considered wearing anything but white for her wedding day. And once we see those pics, we’ll see her aisle style in all of its glory, but she wore white. Clean, crisp, bridal white. Given that her guests all wore the color the night before, something tells us that nooo one came close to her radiance on Saturday. It’s a damn good gameplan! Tell friends and fam to wear white for the rehearsal dinner, and then totally take away any risk that they’ll do it again the next day.

And to follow up from those last two points, if your friends/followers have seen lots of white wear on your crew, they’re going to be even more pumped to see the hue on you. Way to set expectations high, little dove. We see you ✌️✌️✌️.

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