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Lupita Nyong’o Attended Her Baby Brother’s Wedding Virtually

Lupita Nyong’o Attended Her Baby Brother’s Wedding Virtually Photo Credit:

It’s hard to imagine having to miss out on your own sibling’s wedding, but, these days, it’s not out of the realm of possibility. TG we have technology to allow us to be present even if we’re not able to be, physically. Just this week, Oscar-winning actress and recently Emmy-nominated voicetress, Lupita Nyong’o joined the ranks of many celebrities (and regular people, just like us) who have had to embrace a whole new code of conduct in guest hood in light of COVID-19. Even though she couldn’t be there to watch her brother tie the knot, in person, she was thrilled and honored to be able to watch the heartfelt vows virtually.

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Alongside a carousel of stunning wedding portraits, she proudly shared:

“Yup, he is off the market, folks! Sharing a moment of joy in my family's life when my sweet, gentle, loving baby brother @juniornyongo made his declaration of love to his new bride @wanjawohoro this week. I still cannot believe I was not physically present, but thank God for technology! Welcome to the family, Wanja!”

Too cute, right? Especially the last image that shows Lupita’s laptop splayed open with a live look of the Kenyan ceremony at Zereniti House. Her actor brother and his new wife (a singer and songwriter) are just beaming with appreciation and exhilaration, and it just goes to show that despite the current state of the world, love is ever present, it remains.

Granted, we never thought that Zoom weddings and FaceTime fetes would snowball into the big trends that they’ve become and will continue to be, but Lupita’s post (and regram from her brother) is a great reminder that:

  • Busyness can never be an excuse for missing out, again. If your friends and fam have phones and computers, they will find a way to be there - rain or shine.
  • A microwedding or minimony doesn’t mean that the commitment goes unnoticed. In fact, there is something so special about the types of weddings happening now that their intimacy might be shared and talked about more than ever before.
  • While a change in plans isn’t ideal, scaling back the size of your celebration can make way for an even more profound and meaningful set of memories. 

Check Junior’s promises to his lady, they are magic ✨.

@wanjawohoro, I will walk for miles to water your roots every single day until you are too tall and impossible for anyone to ignore. My strong steadfast Acacia. Ineffable in stature and beauty. The shade of your branches will always be my refuge.”

Wow. 😭😭😭 Can we commission him to write all of our vows?!

instagram post

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