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You Really Can’t Do Mix and Match Bridesmaids Without This Brand

You Really Can’t Do Mix and Match Bridesmaids Without This Brand

Sooo, for the last like 5, maybeeee 10 (but not even) years, people in the “I Do” industry have been talking about the ‘mix and matched’ bridesmaid look. It’s a mood that sooo many have attempted and, granted, many have succeeded in getting right; nonetheless, it’s still a huge challenge to find dresses from one brand that can outfit the entire squad. And that’s what we need, right? Places that make it easy for everyone to find a fit that’s beautiful, flattering, and worthy of good as hell feels 🙌🙌🙌 #lizzo.

Now, of course, a lot of our favorite brands are stepping up and extending their sizes as of late, but Lulus - 👑 of fast fashion - is doing it with new styles, silhouettes, colors, and fabrications that aren’t only conducive for the bridal party shade+style story, they’re actually pretty damn perfect for it. Plus, the move towards even greater diversity in their offerings was actually Lulus’ exec suite members listening to their fans and followers. We knew we liked them a long time ago, it’s nice to see the modern+inclusive momentum still going!

You Really Can’t Do Mix and Match Bridesmaids Without This Brand

Okay, but are that many styles  really offered in + sizes? 

Yup. Over 50 styles go up to size 3X, so it’s not like there are just one or two “token” options for curvier girls. That’s what really makes this new collection exciting for us. Lulus isn’t trying to ‘accommodate’ extended sizing requests, rather, they’re making it possible for mix and matching to be an even bigger deal than it’s been before.

Oh! And the style story with your ladies doesn’t have to be written with historically-trendy hues, either. Sure, they’ve got new blush stuff, yes they’re still doing black and blue, but alongside these basics, they’re also championing a new, coastal-inspired palette. That means golds, orangey-ochres, yellows, greens, and the coolest blues ever ((this ice blue is iconic)). The shade stuff that has made some of the fiercest bride tribes legendary in our eyes. 👉 19 of the most baller bridesmaid snaps 

The new bridal collection also has a lot of gorgeous for brides of every size, we’re just particularly amped about the bridesmaid newness, because it makes for much better vibes amongst the group.((Competition, feuding, fighting over fashion is a real issue in bridesmaid world, we’ve been there)).

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