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Shouldn’t All Bridesmaid Brands Be Inclusive At This Point?

Shouldn’t All Bridesmaid Brands Be Inclusive At This Point?

You know, at first, it was something to get excited about when ‘inclusive bridesmaid dresses’ became a thing. But now, it kind of makes me feel like wtf, shouldn’t inclusivity be a hallmark of every pretty girl gown brand? Leading Ladies was founded with that question in mind, and there’s no doubt that this Los Angeles dress destination has it figured out - for fuller figure females and every female in the group, for that matter. They gave us a look at their new 2020 collection and there is so much to love about it! The biggest thing? How comfortable everything fits and feels. If you’re asking your girls to stand up there with you on your wedding day, the leasttttt you can do is ensure their total and absolute comfort. The fact that these dresses are comfortable and crazy gorgeous? Well, that just means you’re especially 💣at being the bride.

Here are a few more ways you can show your girls #bossbride status.… 

You chose Leading Ladies, so that’s a serious start.

You’ll make sure that ‘perfect’ dress is perfect for the whole squad. 

Oh yeah, we’ve all been there, on the receiving end of a text that says “Girlies, how good are these dresses for the wedding?!?!!” Followed by a dozen of these 🙌🙌🙌. And you take your peek knowing full well that it’ll be pretty, sure ((your bride has taste, duh)), but something that’ll look bangin’ on you? Eh, probs not. At Leading Ladies LA, the team understands how frustrating it is to find a ‘perfect’ dress only to realize that it’s actually not all that perfect because of one small detail. That’s why they give brides and their tribes the freedom to customize the little details of the dress - changing the neckline, adjusting the length, etc. - it’s to make sure the dress is perfect for everyone.

Shouldn’t All Bridesmaid Brands Be Inclusive At This Point?

You’ll do something different and give your girls the gift of wearability. 

This is a BFD, because of course you want your ladies to look their best on your wedding day. But let’s be reals, you’re thinking about it from a pseudo selfish place. You’ll want them to vibe with your flowers and your venue and your overall aesthetic - you want them to feel good and radiate happiness #becausehappymaidsmakeprettypics, but you’re probably not thinking beyond your wedding day. If the gown gets it done for the day, then what’s there to think about? Well, Leading Ladies’ dresses give back with a gift of wearability. You can mix and match your bridesmaid outfits with different tops and bottoms to create a truly unique look for the team. And afterwards, your girls can style their ensems into different outfits and wear them again after the wedding! That’s what life and being a bride is about - giving your maids something enviable that even Kate Middleton would recycle the s*** out of….

Shouldn’t All Bridesmaid Brands Be Inclusive At This Point?

You’ll be inclusive…

Because at this point, not being inclusive is like anti-woman // anti-sisterhood. Leading Ladies offers sizes 0-30 as well as custom sizing, because inclusivity is one of their founding fundamentals. Voluptuous women want to feel gorgeous when they stand as bridesmaids in front of a throng of on-looking wedding guests and to Leading Ladies ((and us)) this just isn’t possible if the girls are confined or cringy in the dress they are wearing. LL specializes in designing and creating bridesmaid dresses that are ridiculously stylish and compliment curvaceous bodies.

Oh! And plus… Every body is unique and every person has his or her own distinct preferences. That’s why Leading Ladies offers truly custom bridesmaid dresses. Brides and their besties can alter any details about their garments that don’t quite fit or match their taste.

Some of the modifications that can be made include (but aren’t limited to):

  1. Adding slits
  2. Adding pockets
  3. Lengthening the hem of the dress
  4. Changing the neckline
  5. Customizing the sizing (yah, above and beyond their awesome 0-30 sizing)

Shouldn’t All Bridesmaid Brands Be Inclusive At This Point?

And you’ll help them save a 💩 ton

We won’t say that dress brands DGAF about how much you’re spending and how it impacts the rest of your life - but we also won’t say that they go out of their way to flip the switch on the sitch. Leading Ladies makes all of their dresses super affordable so your own cast of cuties can spend their $$ elsewhere. All of their full dresses are priced at $99 and their separate tops and bottoms are priced at $69 each.

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Notes on what’s new!

The new collection features both chiffon and velvet - stretch velvet, in fact, which allows for more flexibility. It was designed with the goal of body inclusivity, comfort, and confidence in mind, so every piece is meant to be worn by women of all shapes and sizes. Boom. 🎤 drop.

Shouldn’t All Bridesmaid Brands Be Inclusive At This Point?


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We partnered with Leading Ladies LA to share a gorgeous new collection of incredibly-trendy and inclusive fashion for bridesmaids. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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