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Effortless bridesmaid fitting: with size ranged zippers from Leading Ladies LA

easy fit try on bridesmaid dresses from Leading Ladies LA

It’s a great big world these days and with your friends spread out all over the face of the earth, most of us end up ordering our bridesmaid dresses online. And while it’s super convenient, being confident in your order can be tricky. Even if you find the perfect dress, the size is always a concern. Well, not anymore! Leading Ladies LA has re-designed the at-home try-on for bridesmaids and no one is more excited than us (ok, maybe you and the happy couple)! Now, with one at-home try-on sample, you can easily determine which size to order–no measurements required.

how does it work?

Emery DOS 5 new easy fit bridesmaid dress sizing zipper try on technology from Leading Ladies LA

Magic. Just kidding! A lot of care and research went into developing this revolutionary system, but you’ll be shocked at how simple and user-friendly the answer to this age-old predicament is. Zippers–plural. Each try-on sample comes in a size range (2-10, 12-18, 20-24) rather than a singular size that can be hit or miss. There are matching zippers on the left and right side of the dress, all you need to do is find the number of the size you want to try on, match the zippers from the left to the right, and voila! It really couldn’t be any easier. Then, you simply pack the sample up in the original box with the prepaid return label to ship it back and order the size that fit you best in the color you want. And while you may still need a few minor alterations, it will save you a ton of time and $$$ in all of the usual problem areas. So pick your dress and schedule your at-home try-on today!

the looks

Now for the fun part–SHOPPING! All of the dresses in their 2023 collection feature the new multi-size zipper technology. Here are some of our favorites:

the "Lane" dress

draped high neckline bridesmaid dress in blush from Leading Ladies LA Lane Zipper Back

High necklines are going to be very popular in the coming months and we love this take on the trend for spring and summer weddings. Plus, isn’t this just the perfect blush?

the "Juniper" dress

Juniper RT 3 Juniper RT 1

One-shouldered gowns make great bridesmaid dresses because they’re the perfect compromise for the great strapless vs strapped debate and we love this sexy draped satin interpretation.

the "Emery" dress

modern one shouldered bridesmaid dress in dusty rose by Leading Ladies LA Emery DOS 1

2023 is all about asymmetry and this one-shouldered beauty embodies the trend beautifully. We love the off-the-shoulder draped detail, but the support that the delicate strap provides.

the "Sutton" dress

burgundy velvet off the shoulder bridesmaid dress by Leading Ladies LA Sutton BY 1

Well, if there was ever a timeless bridesmaid dress, this is it. The off-the-shoulder sweetheart neckline, the flattering cut, the rich velvet, ladies…we’ve found a winner!

the "Alana" dress

emerald green velvet square neckline bridesmaid dress by Leading Ladies LA Alana HT 1

Square necklines are coming in hot for 2023 and it’s easy to see why. How flattering is this lush velvet bridesmaid dress?!

designed to customize

Percy MK 4 customizable bridesmaid dress from Leading Ladies LA

As if getting a bridesmaid dress that fits the first time wasn’t exciting enough, Leading Ladies LA offers an entire collection of customizable bridesmaid dresses. That’s right, you can alter the design to fit your style and preferences with the click of a button. And…it’s FREE!

see it in action

Wanna see these revolutionary try-on samples in action? Check out this video to see how it's done!


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We partnered with Leading Ladies LA to bring you this revolution in home try-ons for bridesmaids. As always, thanks for supporting our sponsors!

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