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4 Reasons Stunning Bridesmaid Fashion Needs to Top Your List of Wedding Musts

Real wedding Leading Ladies LA bridesmaids

You know, it’s funny, for decades the bridezilla bride has become a keenly recognizable archetype for weddings/planning. But we know how to mellow said bride out, and it all has to do with your bridesmaids. If they’re happy on your best day ever, then you will be too. Leading Ladies LA was created as a fashion destination that honors every body shape and size, and they’ve truly led the way in pioneering gorgeous and inclusive looks for the whole wedding party. So, now that you know the big things about them, we can get into reasons why fire fashion for the squad has to be an absolute necessity for your wedding day.

When your bridesmaids are happy with their fashion…

Bridesmaid fashion Leading Ladies LA Shop Now:

They’ll help you with your fashion (and give you honest, productive feedback).

Not to say that your bridesmaids need to be the center of attention on your wedding day, obvi everyone knows it’s ill-advised to mess with a bride’s shine. But if your closest family members and friends are feeling good about their own fashion (and not overthinking how they’ll look when they stand beside you), they won’t think twice about helping you get your ensem together. Case in point, Leading Ladies LA’s new laced-back styles that’ll have them looking snatched from head-to-toe. Designed with comfort and style in mind, your entourage can adjust their backs to your and their liking and look flawless in the process.

Wren Leading Ladies LA dress Nico Leading Ladies LA dress Dress Left:

Maia Leading Ladies LA

And from there, they’ll help you pick out undergarments, lingerie, shoes, and accessories to go along with your silhouette, they’ll go to your dress fittings (if you want them there, of course), and they’ll be your hype team when or if you’re self-conscious or unsure about any of your style choices.

They’ll show up the morning of the wedding with smiles on their faces.

And all the stuff to make your bridal suite an epic wedding pre-game/glam sesh. Mimosas and bellinis, fam, nothing more than that! Because they’re not anxious about wearing a dress that fits weirdly, in a color they’d never wear, ever, that accentuates or draws attention to parts of their body they might not be comfortable with, they can let their guards down and just lean into the fun. They’ll be excited to wear the obligatory wedding morning pjs or robes or rompers, and they’ll get up and dance when the “Bride mode all day” playlist turns up.

Leading Ladies LA Real Wedding Dusty Blue

They’ll have the best attitude about pictures and people-pleasing.

No lie, getting psyched about taking pictures while wearing an outfit you can’t stand is a nonstarter. It just doesn’t end well, ever. That’s why making sure they’re happy in the dress, jumpsuit, etc. they’re wearing on the big day is such a major wedding requisite. Leading Ladies LA’s new 2023 collection features crowd-adored chiffon, velvet, and satin styles. They’re perfect for brides and maids (because it should be a collaborative envisioning process) looking to mix and match.

The collection includes 12 chiffon, 6 velvet, and 6 satin styles, each dress designed with inclusivity in mind to fit every size in the bridal party. Leading Ladies LA offers sizes 0 to 30 straight out the gate, but everything is made-to-order, so your bridal party members can request custom options. If that means adding side slits, changing straps, adding pockets, and more—they’ve got it.

So, when your photographer is on the 345th photo of the day, and the group is seeing cocktail hour disappear before their very own eyes, they’ll take a breath, look down at themselves and say “I look hot, I can hang for a little longer.” Same goes for making awkward small talk with your annoying, yet needed-to-be-invited guests… If they’re happy with their look, they’ll be able to stick it out with the idle chat.

They’ll be happy they said ‘yes’ to your all-important ask.

Leading Ladies LA bridesmaids in purple Shop Now:

And to be honest, that’s all that matters. Picking good fashion means keeping the friendship intact throughout the planning process; it means keeping the wedding day afloat; it means keeping the good vibes rolling from the ceremony through the reception; it means keeping your VIPs along for the rest of your best days to come.

In a few words, picking good wedding fashion for your bridesmaids means you’ll keep them in your life well beyond your wedding day—and onto forever, in fact.

Shop now and take advantage of the available At Home Try Onsso you don’t have to make anyone go to the store if they don’t want to. Simply order from the Leading Ladies website and they’ll ship the try on dresses directly to your home.

Juniper Leading Ladies LA dress

How it works:

1. Pick up to 3 dresses

2. Place the order, and boom, you’re done.

3. If the dresses your maids like don’t come in with the colors you want, add a swatch or two in your basket.

4. Shipping is free, and after the dresses arrive, your bridesmaids have a week to try them on

5. From there, they’ll just have to put the dresses back in the box and use the return label included to ship them back to Leading Ladies.


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