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Tee & Rebecca Lambert Know What It Takes To Get Great Wedding Photos

California wedding photographer Let’s talk wedding photos. Okay, it can be awkward and a little uncomfortable, especially if you’re not used to being in front of the camera (who is?). The trick is finding a photographer that makes it feel natural, that can capture you in your element. Tee & Rebecca Lambert pride themselves on being “people-centered photographers” meaning they want to capture so much more than your picture, they want to capture you. That came off creepy, but you know what we mean, LOL. Before they even start the booking process, they take the time to get to know you. By the time your wedding day finally rolls around, you’ll be old friends and all of those worries you had about posing for photos will be a distant memory.

Can You Put A Price On Art?

California wedding photographer Wedding photography is an art form and as with any work of art, your wedding photos are an investment. Now we know that planning a wedding can seem like an endless list of bills, but trust us when we say, your wedding photography is the one thing you don’t want to cut corners on when it comes to budget. Your cake will get eaten, the flowers will wilt, but your photos–those are forever. If you’ve never booked a professional photographer before, some of the initial quotes may come as a shock. Thankfully Tee & Rebecca believe in transparency when it comes to pricing and we love that! The last thing you want is buyer's remorse after you’ve already fallen in love with a photography team and their specific aesthetic. They even have a blog post on their website that breaks down everything you should know about wedding photography and why it costs what it does. So the answer is yes, you can put a price on wedding photography, and whatever it ends up costing is worth every penny! California wedding photographer

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Wedding Photography

California wedding photographer Tee & Rebecca know how much these photos mean to you and it’s their goal to make sure you get everything you want and more out of your wedding photos. Their best advice–treat your photo session like it’s a date night. Just be you! Another great part about working with an experienced photography team like Tee & Rebecca is that they will work with you to create a “shot list”. You will discuss all of the moments you want them to capture from your mom zipping up your dress to your partner’s face as you walk down the aisle.

Play A Little

California wedding photographer Your wedding portraits are an absolute MUST, but weddings are also a great time to get some fun, silly moments with your family and besties. Tee & Rebecca also offer a photo booth experience that will really spice up your reception. And it’s not your average photo booth, it’s a real old-school vintage camera that they had retrofitted to bring it into the modern age. So it looks super cool and your guests can still get instant gratification. California wedding photographer

To see more of their work check out @teeandrebecca on Instagram.

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