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Wild Spring Blooms Bouquet

wild spring blooms bouquet DIY @weddingchicks

Even though spring is over, this amazing bouquet can still be yours and it's easier than it looks! From the wild bush ivy base, to the sweet aroma of jasmine and lilac, it's the perfect addition to your big day! If you're ready to carry this wild spring blooms bouquet down the aisle, then check out the full recipe below from 3 Leaf Floral.

Bouquet Recipe

Flowers Used: Garden roses, anemone, sweet pea, jasmine, hellebores, narcissus, lilac, bush ivy.
To get the look of this wild spring bloom bouquet, I started with the variegated foliage as my structure base. Bushy ivy have strong, woody stems so it was a perfect to build upon. I started by making the foliage into an "X" shape, never letting go of the bottom stems. Then I added in the bigger focal flowers (Anemone, and garden roses). Next, I filled in holes with hellebores and added length on the sides with long stems of sweet pea. I then added sprigs of fragrant lilac and narcissus. To finish off the bouquet, I gathered jasmine vine around the base and a few entwined throughout. To enhance the movement of this bouquet, I added some flowy dove grey ribbon from Silk & Willow.
Florist tip: Be careful in your placement of anemone! Placing them too evenly throughout creates"googly eyeballs" in your bouquet in photos. Always check your design in front of a mirror before tying it off.

wild spring blooms bouquet DIY @weddingchicks

Photography: Kaylan Robinson of K Robinson PhotographyFlowers: 3 Leaf Floral Ribbon: Silk & Willow