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When Life Gives You Lemons Drink Pink Lemon Liqueur



We are all about finding the silver lining to every cloud and in this cloud's case, that lining is hot PINK and lemon flavored! If you are thinking about putting together a signature cocktail for your big day, asking your besties to be your bridesmaids or maybe just looking for a super cute and flirty table favor, LiDestri Pink Lemon Liqueur can help! Not only does it not have to be dressed up any more, as the 750ml bottles are all beautifully etched, but the mini bottles (50ml) are the perfect size to gift your bridesmaids-to-be or your lovely wedding guests! 

Keep scrolling to find one of our new favorite LiDestri Pink Lemon Liqueur signature cocktails recipes; and feel free to steal it for your next big event or even as your own signature cocktail for after you tie the knot! 

Sip savor and share, pink lemon liqueur

cute pink and white wedding table set up

Pink Lemon Liqueur cocktail Pink Lemon Liqueur cocktail

mini Pink Lemon Liqueur favors

Why Drink Pink?

"Specialty cocktails, or signature drinks, are no longer a trend but a staple at weddings. Couples can create unique drink recipes to serve to their guests. Brides can match the drink color to their wedding colors....Pink Liqueur is such a great concept for brides....I couldn't be more thrilled to pour cocktails from such a fabulous bottle." - Colin Cowie– lifestyle guru & party planner to the stars

Something Borrowed signature cocktail

So what do you think? 

Is PINK going to be your signature wedding color? If so you should drop LiDestri Pink Lemon Liqueur a line at You can order your favors, and prep your wedding bar with all the Pink Lemon Liqueur. And while you are out there in internet land, stop by the PINK Instagram page and give them a follow, because who doesn't need a little bit more of this in their feed? 

instagram post

We partnered with LiDestri Pink Lemon Liqueur to share about their amazing product. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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