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10 Reasons Why You Need Sugar Cookies At Your Wedding

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True or false: Aside from the newlyweds’ love, the food pretty much makes or breaks a wedding? We’d go with TRUE on that one. Over and above the decadence of dinner, the desserts are what everyone looks forward to. Though cookies have taken a backseat to big shot sweet treats like cake pops, cupcakes and edible cookie dough in recent years, they’re back in a major way and swallowing up your Instagram feed one tray or tower at a time. 

10 Reasons Why You Need
Sugar Cookies At Your Wedding

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These newbies aren’t chock full of chocolate chips either; instead, they’re a sugar cookie recipe topped with royal icing - and they’re as adorable as they are delicious. From monogrammed wedding favors with the newlyweds’ special date inscribed to pop art-inspired iconography that best serves a bachelorette and her tribe, the cookies are versatile and hella viral. Seriously, check your Explore tab, you’ll likely see some of these double-tap-worthy, decorated cookies taking up real estate!

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If you’re not exactly reaching for the cookie jar yet, scroll through our XX favorite finds from a few foodie feeds. You’ll either be DM-ing some bakers or contacting Etsy sellers for a custom bulk order by the time you’re done!

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And with WE TV’s Bridezilla back in action, there’s obviously [cookie] monsters in the making HAHA…

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