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This Is Why You Need a Staycation Before the Wedding


This Is Why You Need a Staycation Before the Wedding Shop Under the Canopy

Sooo, when you’re in the thick of wedding planning, life as you know gets totally turned upside down. Weekend plans wind up getting washed out by final venue go-sees and vendor consultations, and your home/apartment, etc. quickly becomes the place for everyone to convene on ALL the impending ‘I Do’ details. Getting married is truly a wonderful thing, but all that comes with it, the planning and production, is exhausting and (at many times) irritating/bothersome as hell. That’s why we’re HUGE proponents of the tying-the-knot timeout. One long weekend - preferably Thursday through Monday - where you and your boo say buhbye to all the stress and the harrowing house guests, just for a few days. We chatted with our friends at Under the Canopy, the most sustainable home brand on the market, and they’re obsessively on-board with our recommendation to bolt the doors, hop in the shower [together], and spend the weekend in bed, in total comfort, so as to soak up the last few days of sanity before the wedding happens. We cross-referenced our lists of must-haves/must-dos and... 

Here’s what we decided the perfect pre-wedding staycation should include:

Some kind of unplugged protocol

Yes, a vacay right before the wedding sounds incredible, but we get it, it’s kind of hard to go off the grid days or even weeks before the big day. That’s why we love the idea of a staycation. You can have your cell phones, tabs, pads and laptops at the ready - just in case one of your vendors needs you to approve something or your venue needs an updated headcount, or something more emergent happens - but you don’t have to be dependent on them. In fact, we’d say put them away this weekend as much as possible. This is YOU time, technology can take a back seat. Plus, we can think of wayyyyy more things to do after cutting the cord…

Sleeping in

This Is Why You Need a Staycation Before the Wedding Shop Under the Canopy

When stress is part of the picture, sleep quality is severely diminished. And who wants to get to their wedding day with bags under their eyes? Those 8 hours are paramount for full-on wedding day freshness. That’s why this weekend was invented - to catch up on sleep and rack up some snuggle time. Both of which can only be done with the most sustainable sleep experience ever. We’d start with 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton sheets (in the dreamiest 200 thread count percale) made safely with the lowest-impact dyes around + a coordinating comforter. Coziness stacks up, don’t ya think?

Breakfast in bed

In the last few weeks leading up to the wedding, breakfast will become a distant memory // and who can deal with that? #breakfasthard is my goal always. So, we suggest taking the opportunity to test out your new gadgets from your bridal shower. Whether that means breaking out the new waffle iron to perfect those belgium beauties or getting your new blender out to spin up some 👌 smoothie bowls, you for sure have enough new stuff to test-kitchen on your own time. Those new bed trays of yours need a workout, too…

Suds and soaks with your S.O.

This Is Why You Need a Staycation Before the Wedding Shop Under the Canopy

We’ll be real honest, once you get to the week of your wedding, thinking you’ll have time to draw a bubble bath is laughable, and even jumping in the shower will count as a chore. That’s why your weekend in should involve getting clean with your #1 guy or girl - and saving water by doing it together 🚿❤️🚿. That steam is SO. GOOD. for opening up your pores and releasing toxins. Once you’re out, dry off with one of the softest and most absorbent towels on Earth, and throw on his+hers Fair Trade organic cotton kimono robes to lounge in all day. Who’s rushing - this is a time-out, remember?!

This Is Why You Need a Staycation Before the Wedding Shop Under the Canopy

This Is Why You Need a Staycation Before the Wedding Shop Under the Canopy

Wine(d) down and dine

It’s almost a guarantee that by the time your wedding comes around, you’ll be running on fumes. Food will fall off your radar, furiously. So, it’s important to fuel yourself as much as possible before that starts to happen. On this weekend with your fiancé/fiancée, hit up a local farmers market or organic grocer. Shop all the colors of the rainbow, when it comes to your fruit and veg, and do the same with your bottles of red and white. There are so many wineries RN turning out sips using some of the most sustainable practices around and on top of that, certified organic varieties literally taste like you plucked the grapes straight outta the vineyards. Embrace your inner chef, eat well and drink well, and you’ll be in great shape for the wedding.

And reset some of your priorities

This Is Why You Need a Staycation Before the Wedding Shop Under the Canopy

No matter how much $ you’re spending on your wedding, and how much you try to DIY or recycle (#somethingborrowed FTW), inevitably lots of green will be gone at the end of it. That’s why a weekend staycation in advance of your wedding day is so smart to reset and strategize the go-forward. Going green after the wedding - and during planning - makes perfect sense. The folks at Under the Canopy are proud of their roots in sustainable production - something they started back before “organic” and “zero-waste” were ever trendy buzzwords. Today, that tradition continues as they’ve evolved into the most sustainable home brand on the market, with every aspect of their materials and methods certified to meet rigorous criteria. The result? Beautiful, affordable, and authentic products that are better for you, the Earth, and every room in your home.

Made from 100% organic cotton and given beautiful colors from non-toxic, low-impact dyes, their products are the most sustainable in the industry. Under the Canopy adheres to six kinds of certifications that together prevent the use of harmful substances, reduce resource and energy waste, and support worker welfare. Their certifications are Fair Trade, GOTS, OEKO-TEX, FSC, C2C, and RCS. So you can rest assured knowing that every product is truly making an impact.

They don’t have a wedding wish list option of their own yet, but what an amazing addition to any registry ((pssst. They're on Zola - so you'll want to check that out RN!!))!! Shop now!


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We partnered with Under the Canopy to share these tips and things you'll need for your pre-wedding timeout. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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