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The Homemade Wedding Story of Lara and Armando


Homemade Wedding in Galicia Spain

The homemade wedding  story of Lara and Armando.

My boyfriend Armando and I should have been married on April 18 and due to the situation we are going through with the Covid-19 we have known for weeks that we could not celebrate the link, at least as we had thought. In its day it was hard when you realize that you have to make a decision and postpone your wedding, the one that you have been organizing for a long time, but you had to be sensible, get off the clouds and think about the guests, people who would not know. Yes, they could travel, fears, and that constant stress of watching the news to see if things were improving. 

Homemade Wedding in Galicia Spain

We realized that we did not have the need to live with that anguish day by day and that the decision had to be made now. We manage everything from a year in a few days, talking with providers and professionals to choose a new date. On the other hand, we knew that April 18 was coming and it is inevitable to think about what the day would be like, certainly at home and very far from all your family and friends. All the previous week we received a lot of love from everyone, people who put themselves in your shoes and think about how we were. Somehow we had to celebrate and thank that we were all healthy and that we still had the important thing, it didn't matter how and when and where. 

Homemade Wedding in Galicia Spain

On Saturday the 18th I woke up very early, and the first thing that came to my mind was that I would have to be with my mother, whom I haven't seen for months, starting to prepare for the day, that caused me nostalgia, the hours passed And you kept thinking about what you would be doing in those moments of not being confined, and all I could do was make myself sad. Then there was a knock on the door, and we began to receive breakfasts, wines, gifts, letters and tokens of love from our friends. 


We realized that we were going to allow "our day" to be a sad day, we had to celebrate many things and be thankful that we were all well, family, friends. It occurred to us to dress like a wedding from the 70s, with things we had at home, my dress was from Zara last summer and the "veil" of my bachelorette party ha ha. My boyfriend as he was bearded these days because he shaved it with that seventies air and with a selfie stick we took these photos. People laughed a lot and we were all day with calls and messages, in the end we had contact with almost all the guests, sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. So it will be a day that we will never forget. I hope that the couple who see themselves in the same situation do not stop celebrating their day in one way or another.

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