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Charles & Colvard Bridal Set and Criss Cross Geometric Fashion RingFeatured Ring:

We’ve been believers in the moissanite trend for manyyy years, and we can tell you RN that it isn’t manufactured… Well, the gemstones are, but our love for the trend isn’t! The stone literally has more fire 🔥 and brilliance🌟than any other rocks out there - and with our obsession over sparkle these days, it’s hard to imagine anything being better. So we caught up with Charles & Colvard (the company leading the charge in making moissanite), just to shed a little more light on the look and how perfect it is for everyday wear. C&C sponsored this post to fill us all in on the makings of this stunning gemstone and what kind of major savings it offers couples, especially those on the hunt for something environmentally and ethically responsible. 

Right off the bat, let's dispel some myths for the moment. 

Moissanite isn't a real gemstone 

False. Moissanites are their own gem (comprised of silicon carbide) originally found in a meteorite crater. They’re incredibly rare to find in nature, so they’re often recreated in labs led by experts like Charles & Colvard. These guys were the original creators of moissanite and have been perfecting their process for over two decades. C&C are tirelessly refining, improving, and innovating their invention to generate the best product and develop better techniques for cutting and polishing their gems. They're doing everything they can to enhance the stunning brilliance of this amazing stone.

These lab-created stones aren't as beautiful.

Nope. So false. In fact, moissanite comes second to diamonds in only one category - hardness. In everything else, moissanite is king (and queen, obvi this brand has put rings on lots of brides-to-be). It’s colorless and has the highest refractive properties of any other gem (which references how much colorful light emits from the stone) - making it a much more sustainable, conflict-free and brilliant choice. In short, it’s 💣.

All that sparkle must come with a hefty price tag. 

Untrue. Moissanite is a fraction of the cost of a comparable diamond and is guaranteed to remain just as beautiful as the day you purchase it. Legit, a nice quality 2 or 3 carat-diamond can cost you tens of thousands of dollars. An equivalent 2 to 3-carat moissanite will probably run you somewhere between $2000-$3000. And for a 💍 that will keep its fire and brilliance forever, $2-3K actually sounds pretty amazing. 

Charles & Colvard certainly has multi-carat clout when it comes to engagement rings. I sort of died just looking at their selection of three-stone rings (still not over the Meghan Markle sparkle, too good). But we also wanted to shout out some of their other brilliant bands and baubles - and not just for the brides, but the grooms too. #becausehesimportanttoo 😉

Charles & Colvard’s assortment of conflict-free and affordable men’s bands and elegant+edgy eternity rings for the Mrs. make their premium brand of moissanite, Forever One, a brilliant alternative for your upcoming wedding.

Charles & Colvard Moissanite Wedding and Engagement RingsFeatured Ring:

You deserve nothing less than the perfect jewelry for your big day, so complement your engagement ring as you walk down the aisle with a moissanite bracelet or stackable band. We’ll just wait here while you check out the beaded bezel fashion ring. OMG. 

Charles & Colvard Wearing Bride Featured Ring:

We all know that fashion rings are an easy way to add a flirty and fun look to your outfit – these gorgeous must-haves will give you the extra sparkle that you (or your bridesmaids!) are looking for. That criss-cross is such a statement. And on a dress with cuffed sleeves. 🙌🙌🙌 beyond.

Charles & Colvard Bride Wearing Rings Featured Ring:

So if you’re planning a wedding, getting engaged soon, or just want to treat yo-self, you gotta take a peek at some of the new moissanite jewelry that’s been KILLIN’ it within the jewelry industry. Now through the 4th of July, you can save 15 percent on all their jewelry. Head over to Charles & Colvard and shop now.

((P.S. just a heads up that the discount isn’t valid on loose gemstones, green moissanite, prior purchases or combined with any other offers))

That moissanite magic. It’s So real.

“My fiancé and I wanted a ring that was sustainable, ethical, and affordable but with a classic look. I'm absolutely in love with my ring and can't imagine wearing anything else for the rest of my life. I also love telling people that it's not a diamond and inspiring them to consider alternative stones.” ~ Rochelle B.

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We partnered with Charles & Colvard to make a few believers out of moissanite wedding rings. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!