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Purple Rainy Day Wedding


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Kelsey and Chris had a stunning bohemian fall wedding at The Barn at Price Mountain Farm. Although they were hoping for a beautifully sunny day, the rainy fall weather from this year didn't comply. Despite the drizzle the day turned out stunning and touching.
Not only is this wedding super sweet, but the proposal story to go with it is too! So much respect for the groom who thought it up. Read it all below, but fair warning, you might end up a bit teary eyed. Afterwards take a peek at the full gallery here for more purple rainy day wedding inspiration, photographed by Andie Freeman Photography.

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The Proposal: Part 1

My grandmother was an extremely important person in my life. My father stepped out of the picture when I was younger and my grandparents didn't hesitate to take his place. She passed away a little over 3 years ago so Chris never got to meet her. He knew how crazy that it made me that I finally had found "the one" and she couldn't meet him. Anyways, it was January 17th and Chris told me he wanted to take me somewhere he had been talking about for month to show me how beautiful it was this time of year. I honestly had no freaking clue.

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The Proposal: Part 2

As we're driving forever away I'm getting irritated because I wanted out of the truck and my back hurt. Next thing I know we're driving up the mountain in Chatsworth, Georgia and he pulls over at this look out. We get out and it really was the most beautiful view. It was a crazy clear day so we could almost see into Tennessee. He opens a box in the back of his truck and pulls out 2 purple balloons and a pad of paper. (How I didn't see a box of balloons I'll never know! Lol.) He told me to write a letter to my grandma and we would release the balloons so she could get my letter in heaven.

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The Proposal: Part 3

As I'm crying my eyes out writing this letter to my grandma he's also writing one to his grandma. Then he pulls out a white balloon with a letter already attached to it. He said he had written one to my grandma already just to thank her for putting me in his life. As I'm reading the letter I can barley see because I'm crying so hard!! At the end it said " If you could look down on us at this moment as I pray she says yes!" And it obviously didn't register because I was SHOCKED he was down on one knee asking me to marry him!

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