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Once In A Blue Moon Wedding In The Greek Isles


Once In A Blue Moon Wedding In The Greek Isles

"Once in a blue moon." I'm sure you've heard the phrase before, but did you know that it was an actual event that happens very rarely? It happens when you get two full moons in one month. Well to celebrate a momentous occasion like saying "I do", this next sweet New York couple headed off to the Greek island of Ios for their intimate and unbelievably romantic elopement under the Blue Moon. 

Below are our very favorite moments from this special day, but you can find even more gorgeous details captured by the talented Panos Demiropoulos in our full gallery

say I do on Greek Island of Iso

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lets say I do in Greecehere comes the bride and groom

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From Panos Demiropoulos

A wedding concept, much like personality goes a long way. So when our couple Saoirse & Enzo began planning on their destination wedding they turned to their favorite "this is us" tune for inspiration, which was no other than "Blue Moon" sung by Robert De Niro in New York, New York. With summer on the horizon, they decided to make their jetting off to the Greek islands dream a reality, so anything big-apple as a foundation for their concept was out of the question. 

During their first discussions with planner The Isle they asked for guidance and -lo! the perfect destination to view a blue supermoon while basking in utter romance, Ios island was brought to the table. Georgie and Toni suggested a magical perch upon the hills, Ios Club, which seemed to tick all the right boxes for Saoirse and Enzo. Add jaw-dropping views, minimalist aesthetics, a private space, and tons of romantic ambiance. 

To top the couple's concept, The Isle created a floral nod to their song, with Twice in a Blue Moon roses, heavily scented, classically shaped blooms whose silver lilac tint with hints of blue was perfectly bound with elegant barefoot luxury accents and organic details. 

On the day of the wedding, the terrace of Ios Club got decked out with a floral arch draped with soft fluttering fabrics, raffia notes, and crocheted pillows. The intimate ceremony was set with a magnificent view of the sea below straight out of a fairytale. The couple got prepped together, recited their vows in the afternoon and as the last light of day kissed the skies they sat for bubbly and a private dinner right before the blue moon took them in its arms.

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