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Official Engagement Season Pour from Blanc de Bleu


Blanc de Bleu Blanc de Rose Photo Credit:

In the wedding industry, we live and breathe through specific seasons - engagement season, planning season, attending season, etc. - and right now, we’re in the thick of proposal season. People are getting engaged left and right, and there’s a daily blizzard of bling storming through social media feeds. So, if you’ve recently gotten engaged, have a sibling with a new sparkler on that finger, or expect that one of your besties will be saying ‘YES’ any second, you really need to make sure you have a well-stocked cache of festively-filled flutes on hand all the time. And Blanc de Bleu’s new sparkling rose is precisely what you should be pouring.

We’re rounding up a bunch of times that call for this new drink, but before that, a little taste profile:

Not to say that we implement any kind of ‘on Wednesdays we wear pink // if you don’t, you can’t sit with us’ rules, but when it comes to champagne and rosé, we don’t make many allowances. It’s a love love loveeee kind of thing, and we always have it around. We had a chance to try the brand new Blanc de Bleu Blanc de Rosé and it’s everything we could ever want from a blush glass of bubbles. Not overly sweet, flirtingly effervescent, and incredibly refreshing. The tartness is totally on-point 👌. 

Blanc de Bleu Blanc de Rose

Where/when you’ll want the sparkling wine 👇

Right after the rock.

Once the proposal is over, you’ll be crying all the happy tears, snapping pics of the engagement ring, calling up all the important people in your lives to share the news, and hopefully taking a little time to celebrate - just the two of you (because from here on out, things are about to get busy, stressful, blissful, and bonkers). So, you’ll want a cold bottle waiting in the wings, and maybe even a fresh plate of berries and chocolate to enjoy with it.

At your engagement party.

If there wasn’t champagne being passed around and glasses clinking all night long, did an engagement party even happen? Truly, you’ll want to share the special moments with your family and friends and be able to do so with a pretty coupe in your beautifully-manicured hands (what better way to show of that bling, than with some copious cheers-ing). Plus, the pink color of this new sip is perfect, if you’ve decided on a blush color palette for your big day.

Blanc de Bleu Blanc de Rose

When you’re proposing to your girls.

Your girl squad doesn’t need any liquid encouragement to say ‘YES’ to your ask, but c’mon why not pop some pink bottles when you’re popping the question? Whether you’re doing it over brunch, with rosé grapefruit mimosas or would rather plan a girls night out with a pretty pink pregame, you’ll be making it an occasion worth remembering for your group - and the Instagram-worthiness of this bev is beyond! 

At your bridal shower.

Blanc de Bleu has always looked good at Breakfast at Tiffany’s-themed bridal showers, but the brand’s new blush iteration is equally appropriate for any girly gathering. Set up a bellini or mimosa bar, or just have servers traverse the room with beautifully-styled trays of the rosé. We’ve seen some of the most gorgeous champagne fountains and towers done at bridal showers, and we’re positiveeee the Blanc de Rosé would look damn fine on display.

Blanc de Bleu Blanc de Rose

At your bachelorette bash.

Yes, by itself, this wine absolutely sparkles, but for a bachelorette weekend, champagne and rosé work for the day - and when night comes around, it’s time to take things a little next-level. We actually created a rosé celebration cocktail with the cuvée and the combination of champs+tequila is the best way to turn up when you’re shutting your single status down.

Check the recipe here! ((and remember that it’s perfect for a winter bachelorette or engagement season soiree, but can seriously be savored all year long))

RECIPE (for a pitcher):

  • 1 Bottle of Blanc de Rosé
  • 10 Jiggers of Silver Tequila
  • 1 Cup of Pomegranate Juice
  • Juice of 3 Lemons
  • 1/3 Cup of Simple Syrup
  • Stir
  • Add Ice
  • Garnish with fresh pomegranate seeds and a mint spring

During cocktail hour.

Of course, your guests will be toasting you during the reception, but why stop at that? The bubbles should be flowing from the time they make it to the ceremony through their arrival at the reception. Let your servers navigate the room with vintage trays stacked with flutes or even bespoke mirrors that provide perfect, festive and feminine pedestals for the delicate drinks. And know that as a light and elegant wine, Blanc de Bleu’s Blanc de Rosé pairs well with any wedding fare and/or hors d'oeuvres (from fish, pork loin, steak, and chicken to butternut squash polenta and assorted, lightly-dressed salads).

Blanc de Bleu Blanc de Rose

We also envision the wine working blushingly for Valentine’s Day, the morning of the wedding (when brides are getting ready+glamming up with their girls), even on the way to the honeymoon. A lot of passion for the week can start with a little something pink to drink!

.... and truthfully, even if you're not engaged yet, how amazing is this rosé for The Bachelor nights?!?!! Colton and Blanc de Bleu's Cuvée Mousseux Blanc de Rosé. We'd gladly accept this one🌹🌹🌹.

Follow Blanc de Bleu on IG to see how to rosé your way 

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We partnered with Blanc de Bleu to give brides-to-be #somethingpink to think about. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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