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Minnie Mouse Shoes For Only $22


silver Minnie Mouse Heels photo: Net-A-Porter

As self proclaimed die hard Disney fans, we did freak out when we spotted these shoes from Net-A-Porter! These Oscar Tiye's playful 'Minnie' sandals are crafted in Italy from silver lamé and detailed with 'mouse ears' at the back of the ankle. They are a bit pricey, but we are sure worth every single penny, but obviously not in everyone's budget.

So, we freaked when we found out that Primark (pronounced Pr-Eye-Mark) is going to carry a similar style for $22 we FREAKED OUT. They are available for pre-order and more than likely they are going to sell out. 

instagram post

The Minnie Mouse heels feature Disney's Minnie Mouse's famous ears on the back and have a tall here and are covered in glitter. They come in gold and black, but there is a catch my friends. Primark is located across the pond. Hopefully we will be able to easily snag them in  the US. Fingers crossed.

As far as an official release date,  Cosmopolitan UK shares that they will be arriving in time for the 2017 holiday season. If you are truly in love you can order the iconic heel from  Net-A-Porter (as seen in the IG above)

Gold Minnie Mouse Heels Photo: Premark



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black glittery Disney heels Photo: Premark