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Lotus Pod and Thistle Bouquet

earthy wedding bouquet recipe @weddingchicks

Looking for an earthy and organic bouquet for your big day? Floral Designs by Christa Rose has just the thing for you! This lotus pod and thistle bouquet uses unique materials and varying greenery to give it that easy going feeling. So perfect for your laid back style! Learn how to make this earthy wedding bouquet below, and get some great tips.

How to create this bouquet

Lotus pods, calla lilies, blue thistle, lisianthus, sweetheart roses, camellia leaves, pittosporum, cotton, privet berries, ranunculus, plumosa, olive branches, and amaranthus.
To create this organic and Southern-inspired bouquet, start with your largest blooms first. In this case, the lotus pods are the largest and will be the focal point of the bouquet.
Next, start building around the lotus pods with the ranunculus, callas, blue thistle and sweetheart roses. Be sure to crisscross the stems as you go to help secure your bouquet. Add the occasional few stems of greenery while doing this as it will help to create the non-traditional and organic feel that we are after. Once you have the main blooms arranged, add in the various greenery, continuing in the crisscross pattern.
Finish off by securing the stems with bouquet wire and tying ribbon or burlap around it.

earthy wedding bouquet recipe @weddingchicks

Tips on making a non-traditional bouquet

Use wispy, flowing greenery in between blooms to break up the bouquet. Traditional bouquets typically have several blooms grouped together at the same height without much greenery.  By varying the height and adding interesting greenery, you will create a more organic bouquet that reflects nature.
Look for unique items (seeds, pods, fruit, etc.) that can be the focal point, and use several different types of greenery to create interesting texture and movement in the bouquet.
Loosen up! The key to any non-traditional bouquet is staying relaxed while creating it. When you are tense, the outcome will look tense and tight. If you relax and have fun while creating it, your end result will naturally be loose, organic and beautiful!

lily thistel and lotus pod bouquets @weddingchicks

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