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Lavender and Silver Switzerland Wedding

Switzerland farm wedding

With a crystal clear lake and the beautiful Swiss Alps in the background, this lavender and silver Switzerland wedding takes the cake for one of the most gorgeous wedding venues! And we can't help but say yes to the soft purples and sleek silvers that made up the color scheme. From the simple Lavender bouquet, to the sharp looking grooms attire, to the sparkly chandelier that hung from the arbor...we give this wedding two very big thumbs up!
Interested in seeing more from this amazing wedding abroad? Take your time in the full gallery where you can see all of the fabulous moments captured by The Wedding Day.

classic wedding ideas

classic bridal look

silver and purple groom look

suited up groom and ring bearer

Now lets be honest, most of us have been dreaming of our wedding day for years, which means a color scheme has likely already been picked out and awaiting the arrival of prince charming. Even so, here are a few tips on choosing the perfect color scheme for your big day:
1. Check the decor colors at your venue.
2. Choose a season associated with the colors you enjoy the most.
3. Match your colors to any cultural tradition you might have for your wedding. (example: traditional Indian weddings have lots of vibrant colors mixed with golds)
When choosing colors, it is good to keep in mind a limit of how many to use, but rules are always meant to be broken right?! Typically you want a maximum of three colors: A dominate color, a supporting color and an accent color. Here a a few ways to select coordinating colors:
1. Complementary Colors, these are colors opposite each other on the color wheel. (example: blue and orange, or red and green)
2. Analogous Colors, these colors lie next to each other. (example: green, lime green, blue-green)
3. Monochromatic Colors, these colors are a variation of the same color. (example: bright red, dark red, etc.)

purple and gray groom looks

Switzerland wedding ceremony

wedding arch chandelier

wedding kiss

On the most beautifully clear day in Switzerland, a groom, with a smile a mile wide, excitedly waits for his bride to appear on the arm of her father. These moments, captured in these gorgeous photographs by The Wedding Day, will last for eternity and are guaranteed to bring out tears of joy and a smile when looked back on them. With plenty of wedding and classic photography experience as well as bookings all over Switzerland The Wedding Day has you and your events best interests in mind when capturing your big day.

Switzerland Wedding

wildflower and raspberry centerpieces

wooden heart table decor and lace accented mason jar vases

barbeque wedding reception

cheese and wine

white wedding cake and lavender accent

Steal Worthy Idea:
Vintage light bulbs with lace woven around them and battery mini lights put inside for outside lighting.

lightbulbs with lights on the bottom

outdoor wedding ideas

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CakeThe Cake Boutique
Dress DesignerCosmobella
FlowersStiftung Wagerenhof
Groom's AttireSunita suits
HairHelene Rueegg of Coiffure Secchi, Zurich | DJ: Marco Porcelli
JewelryKurz Schmuck
PhotographerThe Wedding Day
Shoe DesignerGlobus
Veil or Hair AccessoriesWhite Lounge by Zoro
Venue & CatererJucker Farm, Seegrben