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Seaside Manor Wedding in New England

seaside wedding ideas

Briana and Robert's seaside manor wedding in New England was more then just a gorgeous event celebrating their union. It was also about family and remembering those that could not be there to laugh and cry with them. The close knit family ties were evident in the brides accessories and her bouquet, the memorial table at their reception, and the love and hard work that went into making the homemade wedding favors. To hear more about all of these keep scrolling down to hear from Briana.
As always, there is more to be seen in the full gallery here. This fabulous day and all of its details were captured by Abby Caldwell Photography.

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vintage brooch on bouquet

pastel bouquet

From the Bride:I included two brooches from my late grandmothers into my bouquet. When I saw it for the first time, it literally took my breath away. One of my favorite details from the day was my hairpiece. My aunt was very excited about our engagement; however she sadly passed away about a year before our wedding. I acquired a vintage necklace of hers, which my make up artist turned into an absolutely stunning hair piece. All three of these ladies were beautiful, strong women that exuded love everywhere they went. It was very important to me that I carry a piece of them with me on my wedding day.

first look

yellow and grey groom look

custom hair accessory from heirloom jewelry

The first look was a special part of the day for me. As Robert turned to me and I laid eyes on my handsome husband-to-be, the nerves and butterflies completely dissipated. Nothing else mattered in that moment more than my husband and our lives together. It felt like everything was exactly as it was meant to be. Throughout the day the wedding continued flawlessly.

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bridesmaid bouquet

yellow bridesmaids dresses

Robert and I imagined our wedding as a romantic getaway for our guests; a place where people could fall in love for the first time or fall in love all over again. The ocean has always been a special place for us. Since my husband-to-be grew up in Iowa, we also wanted to give our Midwestern guests a taste of New England coastal charm. From the moment we stepped foot into Eolia Mansion at Harkness Memorial State Park, we knew it was the place for us. It was everything we had envisioned and more. The mansion was classic and enchanting. The smell of the salty ocean air blending with the sweet smell of flowers from the lush gardens set the perfect ambiance for our dream wedding.

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flower filled lantern aisle decor

Charleston wedding venue

Our wedding favors were also an unforgettable part of our day! For generations, Robert’s family has been using a top-secret recipe to make candy they call “Butterchubbies.” Robert’s wonderful grandmother, Margaret, handmade 900 (yes 900!!) Butterchubbies for our wedding and shipped them from her home in Nebraska to our home in Connecticut. They were a hit with our guests—as we knew they would be! Robert is an actuary (he analyzes the financial costs of risk and uncertainty) so we were able to create table numbers based on mathematical equations. It was great to have Robert’s interests included in such a fun way!

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The moments I remember the best were the ones where Robert and I were able to step away from the reception and enjoy some brief personal time. Although our guests may have been wondering what happened to us, I will never regret slipping away to watch the sunset together and leaving the world behind. Amid the beautiful chaos of the evening, we never lost sight of what mattered the most—each other!

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dessert table ideas

gorgeous tiered white wedding cake

seaside wedding

Be sure to check out the wedding film below from First Up Films.


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