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Jessie James and Eric Decker Are Literally the Cutest


Jessie James Shares Adorable Shout Out On The Anniversary of Her First Date Photo:

Sooo I have a very special place in my heart for Jessie James Decker. Way back when I first started my PR career, I worked for a boutique agency that did a lot of celebrity dressing. For award shows, red carpet premieres, on-air appearances, you name it. I spent a lot of time chatting with A-list agents, publicists, managers, to arrange for their clients to come into the showrooms of the designers I did work for, and peruse the racks, try things on, all the things. Well, she was justttt getting her start back then, and I remember coordinating a few sample requests and showroom appointments for her - not even her manager, her personally. She was super sweet, and I could tell her career was going to take off.

Anyhow, fast forward eight years, and she’s now beyond-happily married, with two beautiful kids and one sure-to-be super cute baby boy on the way. And she and Eric are absolutely adorable, totally smitten with each other, one of those duos that gives us #couplegoals ALL THE TIME. Like Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams, they haven’t lost that lust for each other, they feel totally comfortable being silly as a couple and as parents, and their relationship is 100% real.

Jessie James Shares Adorable Shout Out On The Anniversary of Her First Date  Photo:

Anyhow, only a day or so after I finally decided to stop watching the #FlipMyHairDance, she’s got me again with a new Insta post that shows just how sentimental the sassy country songstress is and how obsessed she is with her man - even seven years later…

She included a photo of she and Eric (+ her baby bump in all its glory) standing in front of one of her favorite Nashville restaurants, Kalamatas. And captioned the capture with “Kalamatas has been one of my fav places to eat since I came to Nashville over 10 years ago. It became even more special to me 7 years ago. After Eric and I had met through a mutual friend over the phone and talked back-and-forth for four weeks he invited himself out to meet me in person and this was our meeting place. First time ever laid eyes on him was in this restaurant. 7 years later and here we are❤️” 

Jessie James Shares Adorable Shout Out On The Anniversary of Her First Date  Photo:


Not only is she nostalgic, she’s also appreciative of all the magical milestones in her marriage. Sure, a couple’s wedding date is supremely important, but so are all the special moments leading up to it. A first date, the first time you kissed or said I love you, the day your PIC decided to put a ring on it. It’s all paramount to your relationship. And Jessie reminds us to take stock in that! That’s why we love her so much!

Reminds us of our honeymoon selfie story from last month, when we talked about the importance of creating memories with each other and making sure to include your partner in all of your posts, because they’re worth sharing the spotlight!

After all, this is what happy couples do!

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