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How to Keep Your Wedding Hopes High When This Year Has Made That Lowkey Impossible


How to Keep Your Wedding Hopes High When This Year Has Made That Lowkey ImpossiblePhoto Credit:

Whoa, we made it to December guys, wtaf?! It’s hard to believe that 11 months ago we were welcoming in a new decade with the rosiest-colored glasses: thinking about all the trends that would turn up for 2020 weddings and hardly imagining that those trends would entail masks, copious amounts of hand sanitizer, and an N-O to the dance flo. But, alas, here we are. The wedding world has been rocked upward and downward, left and right, forward and backward, but we’re still standing and we’re not going anywhere. So, for everyone planning weddings right now, know that you have a high hopes parade that’s SO strong behind you. Your day will come and it will be epic - no matter its size, where it might happen, who might be there, etc. It’s just about keeping that anticipation up, at least that’s what Chicago’s Anticipation Events believes and we 100 percent feel the same.

A bit more about their outlook

Anticipation Events is a boutique event planning and styling company specializing in atypical and stylish weddings, social occasions, and special events.

How to Keep Your Wedding Hopes High When This Year Has Made That Lowkey ImpossiblePhoto Credit:

To quote their pros, “We're crazy good at making sure every detail is in place down to the last disco ball. Our attention to detail and ability to organize, paired with an eye for style means you get the best of both worlds: planner and designer. With hundreds of events planned, dozens of catastrophes averted, and countless candles lit, Team AE is your secret weapon to a stress-free event. When we’re not at a party, we dabble in music, food, interiors, and travel to keep our senses honed and inspiration flowing. We call Chicago home, but you can book us worldwide.” ~ Founder, Elizabeth Tulipana 

Some tips for keeping that hype high

When you’re feeling pretty low

We chatted with the Anticipation Events team to see what can help a couple power through this crazy time, and just talking to this enthusiastic bunch lifted our spirits. And yes, in case you were wondering, this Chi-town crew is considerably more upbeat and encouraging than most of us are at this point in time, but on a scale of 1 to toooootalllly over it, they’re right on track with our ‘let’s go back or move forward, whatever will take us nice and far away from where we are currently” plea.

Keep 'good' in your vernacular

How to Keep Your Wedding Hopes High When This Year Has Made That Lowkey ImpossiblePhoto Credit:

This year has mostly been [bad], but there’s still a TON of good things to keep us all going. Don’t forget about these things, no matter how little they may be. If you want or need to, make a palpable point in your day to recognize the good things. The AE ladies do it by posting “good morning, good things” stories on IG nearly every day. From food and dog photos to book recommendations, there’s beauty in the goodies. 

Find your pod, love them hard 

A small group of besties is your best defense against any and all of the ‘f*** it, let’s just forget this’ feels. So, make sure you’re setting up those recurring Zoom dates, organizing socially-distanced or masked hangs and virtual parties (whenever the occasion presents itself!), and leaning on your people whenever this pandemic pushes you and your partner to your breaking points. 

Take time with your titles

This one is major, too, because post-wedding blues are no joke. If you’re planning a wedding during this upside-down time, try not to mourn any postponement, delays, or downsizing. Having something small now and looking forward to a day in a COVID-free (fingers crossed!) future gives you ample time to cherish your bride or groom titles. And you won’t have to say goodbye to your vendors so soon, either. You can just keep growing your relationship between wedding events. 

Share kindness

How to Keep Your Wedding Hopes High When This Year Has Made That Lowkey ImpossiblePhoto Credit:

With little warning, COVID-19 completely upended the wedding industry and wreaked havoc on many small businesses we’ve come to know and love. We still don't know the long term effects the virus will have on our world, but as such, Team AE is staying positive and supporting as many tiny businesses as possible during and post-pandemic. So, if you’re a couple dealing with COVID-related wedding changes, remember that you’re not alone - and, if you can, pay some good fortune forward with a pick-me-up box filled with thoughtfully-curated tiny joys to cushion the inconveniences of this ‘unanticipated event.’ 

Look forward

‘When it’s time, we will rage.’ Six words that mean so much. And for Anticipation Events, it’s not just wishful thinking; if you can put those good vibes out into the universe, they’ll manifest in the actual best. day. ever. It’s not an if, it’s a when.

Oh! And about looking forward, the Anticipation Events team isn’t just on deck for your ‘I Dos,’ they’ll be there to help you decorate and hygge-up your home well after your wedding. That’s what happens when you work with planners who are also designers! #lifetimeinvestment

Reach out as soon as you start anticipating your aisle affair. You can count on the Anticipation Events team to keep stoking that momentum! 


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We partnered with Anticipation Events to share all the details on how this planning team gets things done! As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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