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Clever Wedding Ideas To Make Your Big Day Stand Out

Clever Wedding Ideas To Make Your Big Day Stand Out

There are weddings. And then, there are weddings that people talk about for years. If you want your wedding to fall in the second camp (who doesn’t?), there’s probably no better advice than this: Make it your own! 

Whether you wish to keep it classic and traditional or make it modern, edgy, and insta-worthy, it’s your own distinctive touches that will set your wedding apart from the league. To quote the experts at the Martha Stewart Weddings, “major life events are becoming more and more about the couple of the moment — if these touches are any indication, weddings are becoming more personalized than ever before.”

So, how do put your own spin on a trend? How do your make your wedding truly your own? It all boils down to details. Think of how you met your fiancé, pick something remarkable from your shared interests, anecdotes from your travels, family histories — all of these can be wonderful sources of ingredients that can turn your wedding into a fun, delightful, and memorable event for you and your guests. 

That said, let’s talk about some unique ideas that may spark some inspiration for your big day. 

Music lover’s delight

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Did you and your fiancé bond over music? Does music serve as a passion or hobby for any of you? Have a close gang of friends you jam with? Even if none of these resonate with you, music sets the mood for a wedding and having some fun with it can make your party stand out.
For example, instead of creating your own playlist, you could ask your guests to mention their favorite songs on the RSVP card. You can simply turn the requests into a playlist and send it to your DJ. It’s not only a cool idea, but also a gesture that can make your guests feel more included in your big day. And guess what? One less task for you!

Transport 'em in style

Will you be ferrying your guests from the ceremony site to the reception? How about putting an unexpected twist on the journey? In that case, ditch the limo and opt for some of these fun ideas.
You could rent hot balloons and give your guests a ride to remember. Or, make it something that bears hallmark of your own love story. For example, are you and your fiancé high school sweethearts? Then, some charming school buses can hit the right spot. Met your future husband at a concert? A little wedding parade with musicians playing songs from the said concert will give all the feels! 

Dance all night 

Clever Wedding Ideas To Make Your Big Day Stand Out

Whether you’re big on dancing or not, dance floors are arguably one of the biggest highlights of a wedding. Sure, you can get your guests to groove to the “Waltzing Matilda”, but to give your party a strong personal flavor, incorporate a jig from your culture — think, the Italian tarantella, sequidillas manchegas from Spain, an Indian Bollywood dance, or the Cuban money dance. 

Take it to the next level by putting out a basket of flip-flops so your guests can take off their shoes and dance the night away. Have refreshment stations where they can recharge themselves and go back to smash the dance floor! 

Photo booth fun

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Wedding photo booths have become one of those wedding classics that never grow old. And, why not? It is super fun, brings out the quirky side of your guests, and lets you capture those unique, candid, and crazy memories that a photographer might miss. 

Jazz it up with themed props and set the mood for your guests — pull off a Hollywood glam, a summer wedding special, a beach-themed shoot complete with broad brimmed hats and swimsuit cut-outs. Or, turn the laughs on with furry costumes, goofy oversized glasses…the list is endless. And, don’t forget to send them a copy of their photos with your thank-you note. Trust us, those photos will bring joy to you for many years. 

Child’s play 

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If children are going to be a part of your wedding, factoring that into your plans can be very thoughtful. Let’s face it, few things are more disappointing for guests with children in tow than having to look after them the entire duration of the ceremony.
As much as they’d love to let their hair down and socialize, parents often end up baby sitting through the event. Why not turn this small detail into a delightful experience for everyone? Hire a couple of babysitters and set them up in a room with fun games, coloring sheets, crayons etc. where your little guests can stay happily busy for hours. Rest assured, the mums and dads on your guest list will remember this helpful gesture forever! 

We hope these ideas are helpful for you and you can draw some inspiration from them to make your wedding day leave a lasting impression. This post was sponsored by Snappy Photobooths.

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