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How-To Dance With Your Leading Lady As Told By Drew Scott


How-To Dance With Your Leading Lady As Told By Drew ScottPhoto:

It’s been a while since I’ve watched a full season of ABC’s Dancing With The Stars, but I’m happy to report I’m back to my Monday night TV block. To be completely honest, my decision to tune in was purely based on how much I adore @vanessalachey and @nicklachey, but since I’ve started watching, I’ve FALLEN IN LOVE with Property Brothers’ Drew Scott and Emma Slater. Watching them practice and seeing the dedication that they bring to the ballroom is amazing, and their dynamic is kind of perfection.

How-To Dance With Your Leading Lady As Told By Drew ScottPhoto:

All that said, what’s even cuter is Drew talking about his fiancée, Linda Phan, and how he practices his DWTS routines with her to commit them to memory.

On Monday evening’s ‘Disney’ night, he shared “I have videos of Linda practicing with me. Emma and I work through it and then I actually try to teach it to Linda because it helps me learn the moves more.”

How-To Dance With Your Leading Lady As Told By Drew ScottPhoto:

His partner and other half of #teamhotproperty, Emma Slater, corroborated the story, noting “He doesn’t just try to teach her 5 seconds. We’re talking the entire routine, and through the entire thing they’re beaming and smiling. It’s so cute.”

BRB, we’re swooning over the sweetness….

How-To Dance With Your Leading Lady As Told By Drew ScottPhoto:

Obviously, he’s gleaned some solid how-to-make-it-work wisdom from his comrade on the dancefloor, because Emma and former DWTS cast member, Sasha Farber, are engaged and attribute their chemistry and closeness to their dance craft and the collaborativeness of it. They’ve tried to pay it forward, too, by teaching workshops ((consistently sold out)) for couples who want to learn to dance together. #goalsgoalsgoals.

So there you have it, chicks, the couple that dances together, stays together… And we think we know why:

Dance teaches patience.

Learning to foxtrot like fiends or waltz like wizards takes an incredible amount of patience. Even just thinking about pairing up with my hubby to learn the ballroom basics makes me anxious AF. But if you can get through it all, without wanting to step on your S.O.’s toes or peace out, then you might just have what it takes to make it for good.

Dance gives you a reason to touch each other.

Whether you’re salsa-ing or tango-ing, or straight up old-school slow dancing, you get to touch your partner and embrace them sensually. What you can do on the dance floor can also help light a fire in the bedroom and keep the spark lit forever.

Dance lets you be silly.

Drew and Emma did so well on “Disney” night, because their #rainbowconnection brought out such child-like wonder, amusement, and innocence. Drew also confessed that his wifey-to-be was a huge Disney nerd, so she obviously knows how to embrace her inner-child. You don’t have to be uptight in the dance arena, you can let go of inhibitions and just get crazy. Dress up, dress down, it doesn’t matter - as long as you stay loose. You Won't Believe What Happened During This Father Daughter Dance!

Dance gives you something to master together.

Couple-ship wasn’t learned in a day. It’s something that’s worked on and perfected over years, just like dance. So being able to run through routines and buckle down on new numbers, together, is a solid way to keep the magic alive. Dancing with each other also lets you feel accomplishment and achievement together. If you can work for something like the coveted mirror ball, you can really work for everything.

Dance gives you an appreciation for music.

Show us someone who can dance well, and we’ll also say they have great taste in music. Dance introduces a guy and doll to big band sounds, ballads, romance of R&B, etc. and whether you’re setting the mood with some date night ditties, picking out your first dance song, sailing through the birth of your babies with a stacked soundtrack, or lulling your little ones to sleep together with lullabies, you can let music guide your relationship. Get inspired by some of our music and wedding dance playlists and speaking of TV, here are our staff picks on Hulu, Netflix, NBC and more.

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