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be present at any event with the Yehive app

YeHive gives you all of the functionality of existing social media, but centers it around an experience instead of an individual. An event on YeHive can be anything from an extremely large event like a concert to a very personal event such as your wedding or your bridal shower. Like the gallery above  designed by belovely. YeHive For your Wedding-
YeHive gives your event an online site for shared photos, videos, and comments. Better yet, a friend or relative who could not attend can follow along live by searching for and checking into the event on the website or app. You have the ability to make your event password protected and share that password with other users, to ensure privacy. Upload a graphic inviting friends to the event. Like the one below with photo from Marissa Maharaj.

be present at any event with the Yehive app

YeHive For Everyday-
Anyone can create an event on Yehive, and on the homepage you can see all the events displayed in descending order by the number of users checked in. Personalize it by the events you have checked into and users you follow. You can even determine a GPS location setting  to see what’s going on around your area.
What makes YeHive stand out from other social media sites? It allows you to connect solely through the things that interest you as opposed to scrolling through a multitude of users’ posts on unrelated topics. Share all of your photos, videos, and comments around an event. Watch events that you are interested in unfold live, or view them later to relive them. It is simple, create an account, find or create events, and participate. Download for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch or android today.

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