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DIY Gold Wrapping Paper

diy gold wrapping paper

Your Cloud Parade teamed up with Amber from Typologie and Co., one of the many Your Cloud Parade shop owners. They created this ever-so-easy and awesome holiday DIY. With only a few supplies, you can wow your guests with a some hand-crafted sparkly gold wrapping paper. Read on to learn how to diy gold wrapping paper, but first you have to pick up all your supplies.
Supplies: 1 roll of kraft paper, hot glue gun, glitter, twine or ribbon

diy gltter paper

1 Unroll the amount of kraft paper needed for your gift
2 Then use the hot glue to make polka dots or desired shapes
3 While the glue is still hot pour the glitter on each dot of glue and then shake of excess glitter
4 After it's done drying wrap your gift and use the string of your choice to top off your pretty package

polka dot wrapping paper

DIY brought to you by: Typologie and Co. and Your Cloud Parade