Chosen as Godparents. No Choice but to Fall in Love.


Brenian Goodrum of Baston Visuals based a South Florida wedding photographer.

This is the love story of two people who did not know each other but were chosen to be Godparents told by Brenian Goodrum of B. Ashton Visuals based a South Florida wedding photographer.

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The introduction

Brenian Goodrum of Baston Visuals based a South Florida wedding photographer.

Jelessa and Carl had their very first introduction in October of 2013. Both of them were college students in Tallahassee. During that time, their friends Jalecia and Dominic were expecting a baby girl and they asked both Carl and Jelessa to be her Godparents! They were super excited but still didn't know each other.

Now being new Godparents, they played the role of their Goddaughter's parent's maternity shoot, baby shower planning, her birth, and christening which took place in April 2014. The christening was the last time Jelessa saw Carl before moving to Georgia for graduate school a few months later. 

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He was truly just “Jayde’s God Daddy” in her eyes.

South Florida wedding photographer

While away, Jelessa would ask how Carl was doing and if he was visiting Jayde their beautiful Goddaughter, etc. but nothing more than that (lol). Nevertheless, they didn’t have each other’s phone numbers. He was truly just “Jayde’s God Daddy” in her eyes. 

South Florida wedding photographer.

In May of 2016, Carl requested her on Facebook and he saw that she was a recent graduate and he left a “Congrats” comment under one of Jelessa’s photos. Fast forward 5 months later, (Yayy!) she’s invited to a surprise dinner at Shooters Waterfront restaurant for their God Daughter's father and Carl was there! 

The Last Dance That Couldn't

South Florida wedding photographer

They hadn’t seen each other in person in years; (low key-sparks fly), it was good to see that he was doing well she thought. Throughout the night at dinner, Carl kept asking Jelessa to dance and she politely told him no multiple times. He was very persistent and she eventually agreed because he was not giving up. Here’s the BEST part; when they finally made it to the dance floor the band stopped playing and apparently their set was over lol. Soooo Awkward... Carl was disappointed but he sparked a random conversation to prevent her from going back to her seat. Jelessa told me she never thought much of who he was as a person outside of his role in Jayde's life, but his growth and maturity throughout their conversations was evident and gave her a different perspective of the wild college boy she once saw him as. 

Brenian Goodrum of Baston Visuals based a South Florida wedding photographer.

Lastly, a few days later, he asked for her number, they went out on a few amazing dates and then on December 7, 2016 Carl asked Jelessa to be his girlfriend and she happily said yes!

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