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How to Get the Most From Your Bridal Portraits

Mo Davis Photography Photo:

More brides are saying Yes to pre-wedding bridal portraits. Here are a few tips to making them memorable, personal and adding a few creative touches! Read on for tips from Mo Davis Photography.

1. Choose a Location that tugs at your heart

Mo Davis Photography Event Design:

From your mother’s home to your favorite bayou, choose a location that’s personal and specific to your wedding day. I’ve photographed bridal portraits at many different locations; including a bride’s favorite childhood park, favorite restaurant and grandmother’s backyard. Wedding day portraits are often limited to the location surrounding the church/venue. Bridal portraits give you an opportunity to venture out and get creative!

2. Bridal Portraits can be a trial
for your wedding day beauty and wedding dress

Mo Davis Photography Dress:

Here is an opportunity for you to see yourself as you would on your wedding day. Use this moment for a hair and makeup trial. You will also see if they photograph to your specifications. This gives you time to make changes before your wedding. Also, it gives you a chance to make adjustments to the fitting of your wedding dress. If there is something that isn’t fitting properly, you’ll have time to make some last minute tailoring decisions.

3. Get a trial bouquet for your portraits

Mo Davis Photography Bouquet:

Bouquets are absolutely beautiful but they can also be a little heavy. Some brides are surprised on wedding day with the weight and size of bridal bouquets. Bridal portraits give you a chance to make sure that your bouquet is the proper weight, feel and overall look that you envisioned. 

4. Schedule your portraits
a few weeks before your wedding. 

Mo Davis Photography Rentals:

This gives you ample time to review your photos and make the necessary changes. Some brides prefer to have a bridal portrait on display at the wedding. Make sure you have time to order and frame your photo of choice. Also, go over any last minute details with your photographer. If you notice in your portraits that you prefer certain angles over others, be sure to discuss this with your photographer.

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