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Anastasia's Wedding Look from 50 Shades Freed | Get The Look

Anastasia's wedding look from 50 shades freedPhoto Source:

The teaser video for 50 shades freed left me with so many questions. I have done lots of research and watched this teaser video over and over to help you recreate Anastasia's wedding look! Comment below if you too are IN LOVE with her wedding style! 

I wasn't a big fan of this series till I saw the second movie 50 shades darker. Christian and Anastasia's love is one I'll remember forever. Just seeing how much he loves her and is willing to change pulled on my heartstrings so much! They have had a lot of relationship issues and have worked through them just like a normal couple would! At the bottom of this article, I have linked some of our top relationship advice if you are a normal couple too! 

The dress

off the shoulder lace wedding dress long sleeves

lace wedding dress off the shoulder v cutWedding Dress:

Anastasia's all over lace wedding dress is incredibly romantic and feminine. I have no idea what the front of her dress looks like but from the back, this dress is an exact match. They both are covered in lace, off the shoulder and have buttons all the way up the back!  This wedding dress is the Rosana dress from Pronovias' NEW 2018 wedding dress collection. 

hairstyle and accessory

wedding hair like anastasia's from 50 shades freedHair Accessory + Image:

In the actual wedding, Anastasia's hair is in a very sleek top knot with a hair accessory on the right side of her head. This one is fairly close to what is shown in the teaser video and pairs perfectly with a top knot hairstyle. Just make sure to position your hair accessory lower if you are really trying to get Anastasia's wedding look. 


lace wedding veil Wedding Veil + Image:

Her veil is fairly simple yet stunning just like Anastasia Steele. It has a very simplistic in design with lace detailing around the outer edges of the veil and perfectly complements her sleek top knot.

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