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Is Your Relationship Safe from Social Media?

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Social media is fun, no doubt about that. Birthday love, selfie love and all the love from people you don't see every day. Showing off your hot BF, fiancé or hub is always fun. Since the inception of MySpace, we've been handed access to just about anyone and everything we want.

Keep your relationship safe from social media

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"Oh in touch go f*k yourselves, you exclusively dumb pieces of trash"

Chrissy for one is NOT having it. She's fighting back and has a voice that will definitely be heard, but what can you do to keep your relationship safe from unnecessary drama?

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If you and your partner trust each other, social media should be a non-issue. If you don't trust you partner becuase of comments OTHERS leave, think about that for a sec. Your partner has no control over what someone else is posting and probably most comments are taken out of context and misconstrued. See above how In Touch has 'third party interfered?' A third party interference is when someone who has nothing to do with your relationship somehow messes it up. Check out these couples who give us serious couple envy.

Don't Obsess

We've all been down the rabbit hole of obsession and the easiest solution is to proactively keep your mind from being your  enemy. If you don't want to get upset or jealous - just stay off of your partner's feed. That's the easiest solution. This is especially important after a breakup. After a breakup, ignore ALL social media. It's so temping to look "just to see" what someone is up to and then BAM. Day ruined.


Talk to your partner. "I saw that so-and-so left this comment on your post and it made me feel like ....." There's no shame in feeling jealous, so just admit it and talk about it. You may end up getting the validation that you didn't really know you were looking for. Learn more about 5 steps to healthy relationships.

Resist Temptation

Please for the love of all that is holy, don't be like Rob and Chyna. We implore you to keep your relationship troubles to yourself. Here are a few ways to behave:

1. Think before you write that comment.
2. Don’t be spiteful and say/post something that could affect your relationship in the long run.
3. Don't put your partner on blast and share your issues for everyone to have an opinion.
4. Sometimes a QT will find you and slide into those DMs. To reply or not to reply. Evaluate your relationship and hopefully think twice before you give in to the internet flirting. DMs give new meaning to Socially Transmitted Diseases.

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