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7 Tips for Being The Best Bridesmaid Ever


7 Tips for Being The Best Bridesmaid EverPhoto:

Being a bridesmaid is amazing, it's an exclusive club that you get to be a part of for 6 months to a year. Although it comes with heaps of responsibility, you will forever have a bond with the Bride and this particular group of girls.

We know you will not take the job lightly, so we gathered up 7 tips for being the best bridesmaid ever.

7 Tips for Being The Best Bridesmaid EverPhoto:

1. Stay Organized

Right when you find out who all the bridesmaids are, find out their digits and emails. Start a thread with all of the girls. Not only will you all bond digitally but you can start figuring out what needs to be done and start sharing ideas.

You can also set up a shared Google Doc that everyone has access to. Set it up with each bridesmaids name and their particular assignment. Yes.. it is somewhat like a job.

7 Tips for Being The Best Bridesmaid EverPhoto:

2. Contribute

The bride is incredibly busy, help her in as many ways as possible. Don't wait for her to ask you to do something. Take the lead and show some bridesmaid initiative. Here are a few ideas.

A . Create a Pinterest board with possible bridesmaid dress options and show the bride. (have you seen our Bridesmaid board yet?)

B. See if the bride needs help with Welcome Bags for the guest.

C. Ask the bride when her invites are arriving and tell her you'll be there to help start addressing.

7 Tips for Being The Best Bridesmaid EverPhoto:

3. Know that it is expensive & don't bi**ch about it

After everything is said and done, you can expect to spend anywhere from a few hundred bucks to well over $3,000 to be a bridesmaid. You've been officially warned, so don't act surprised later when the costs start adding up. Check out our bridesmaid cost breakdown to see what you could be paying for, and how to start saving now. 

7 Tips for Being The Best Bridesmaid EverPhoto:

4. Tell Her The Truth (only if she asks)

The bride will need your honest opinions about her dress, hair, makeup, decor the list goes on. When she asks for your thoughts, tread lightly. Brides tend to be extremely emotional. Be honest, but do it as nicely as possible. 

For example, if you go dress shopping with the bride and you definitely hate the dress be sure to say it the nicest way possible. A great way to do this is compliment one aspect of the dress for example, "I love sweetheart neckline on you, but I think it would look much better with a more dramatic skirt." You can do this with everything from makeup trials to picking out decor. Always find the positive in everything.

7 Tips for Being The Best Bridesmaid EverPhoto:

5. Don't Be A Problem

Arrive on time to all events and appropriately dressed. You were asked to do a job, and your bestie expects you to do it well. Don't make this about you.

7 Tips for Being The Best Bridesmaid EverPhoto:

6. Never Complain

Never complain about the money you have to spend, the effort you have to put and never ever complain about the dress. As we mentioned before, if you are really worried about the bridesmaid dress, start a Pinterest board with dresses that you think the bride would like and that you think are cute.

7 Tips for Being The Best Bridesmaid EverPhoto:

7. Have Fun, But Not Too Much Fun

We know that you have been organized, prepping, planning and just being an awesome friend and of course you want to celebrate. Smile and enjoy all the hard work and love that went into this event. However, watch how much you drink and be sure to eat.

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