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6 Simple Ways To Cut Costs At Your Wedding

naked wedding cake with flowers and fruit

Ok, before we get started - some people do no have the luxury of excess money to spend on wedding vendors and services. We all know that if you DO have the budget, you will likely pay for it and won't be looking for ways to save. This post is aimed toward brides who DO NOT have the budget and could not afford to hire the vendors who are in our guide. You've heard a lot of tips on how to save money on your wedding. Don't get married on a Saturday, get married right at the end of wedding season (when is that anyways?!) Buy a Lab Grown Diamond, buy favors in bulk,  and so on. 

Well... there are always new tips and tricks that we are discovering on how to save money, and of course we have to share. One being that you should try and go naked, on your cake that is. Read on to see why + read our latest tips and see another #tooprettytoeat cake from Juniper Cakery.   

Make Your Own Flower Crowns

DIY baby's breath flower crown PHOTO:

Learn how to make a quick and easy flower crown for you and your girls. It takes about 10 minutes and costs barely anything. We shopped around and typically one flower crown costs about $35. You can make 10 baby's breath flower crowns for that. Splurge on fancy flowers for your bouquet or have your florist go all out on your ceremony backdrop with the money you saved.

10 Pre-made flower crowns: $350
10 DIY flower crowns: $35
Savings: $315

have your friend / family member officiate the wedding

save money on your wedding by having a friend officiant your wedding

 According to Thumbtack the national cost of an officiant is around $150. Typically a professional officiant will meet with you in order to write a thoughtful, meaningful wedding ceremony for the two of you. They'll have to do a little leg work before this can happen. Like ...

1. Figure out who is allowed to officiate in your area.  
2. Each state, county, or even city has its own rules on who is allowed to legally make your union official.
3. Get your friend or family member ordained (around $30).
4. Determine if the officiant needs to be registered.
5. Write the ceremony
6. Sign and send in the marriage license.

A professional officiant: $150
Getting a friend ordained: $30
Savings: $120

Don't want to deal with a friend becoming an officiant? Find your officiant here.  See the whole wedding above here photographed by Jenny Smith & Co.

Print your own Invites

free watercolor rose wedding invitation

I am sure you know we offer a pleothra of Free wedding printables in order to help you save some extra dollars. What you may not know is that you still have to spend money on paper, envelopes, and postage. Basically nothing is entirely free. 

Average cost of 100 printed invites and envelopes: $234
100 A7 envelopes from Paper Source: $44.60
100 A7 Note Cards from Paper Source: $19.80
Saving: $169

pass on the fondant

pink naked cake

As we said before it might be better to opt for a naked cake and pass on the fondant. Fondant is a type of frosting with a smooth finish that you see on all those elaborate fancy cakes you love. Fondant is typically more expensive than a buttercream frosting, it holds up better in the sun and tends to be more eye popping. 

Buttercream is the not so smooth frosting, but beautiful in it's own right. Take note of the semi nude pink naked cake above. A two tier Belgian chocolate cake with cherry buttercream frosting, pink roses, pink macrons, and fruity cherries from Juniper Cakery. If you're over both you can go entirely naked and opt out of the frosting all together.

1 tiered 8" fondant cake (no decor just the cake): $33
1 tiered 8" buttercream cake (no decor just the cake): $12
Savings: $21

Get his suit for free

save money by using Generation Tux

If you organize all of the Groomsmen rentals through Generation Tux, your Groom's outfit will be FREE. They offer free styling services to help you create a look that will go perfectly with your wedding. 

Complete Groom rental is around: $200
If Your Groom rents with Generation Tux: $0
Savings: $200

beer and wine only

tub of beer and wine instead of a bar

Opt out of Liquor and only offer beer and wine. We found a place on Facebook where you can rent a clawfoot tub for only $75. Umm that's amazing. Photographed by Kallima Photography. See the entire wedding here.  

Beer+ Liquor + Wine for 150 people = $635 (does not include the mixers for the alcohol)
Beer + Wine for 150 people= $575
Savings : $60 

There is more savings because of the mixers, but this gives you a rough idea. You can calculate more of your wedding cost using The Alcohol Calculator.

buy your table cloths

save money by buying your table cloth as opposed to renting them

Buy your table cloths instead of renting them. After the event you can sell them on Ebay, Facebook Marketplace or sell to another friend that will be getting married.

Typically renting a plain table cloth is around $13-$17. For sequins it is about $35. Buy sequined table cloths on Amazon for around $20 (and get free shipping on orders over $25).

Rent sequined table cloth: $37.80
Buy sequined table cloth: $20
Savings: $17.80

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