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6 Things You Better Make Sure You Do On Your Wedding Morning


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Sooo cute bride slippers obvi should be on hand! If you’ve made it to the morning of your wedding, you should be feeling fine!! All the important things have been ticked off your ‘I Do’ to-do list, and you’re only hours away from making it official with the love of your life. But before you wake up like 👇 (aka, freakin’ flawless) on the morning of your wedding, remember you still need to accomplish a few things - in order to ride off into the sunset with a ring on your finger, and a new hubby or wifey by your side.

Wake up with a soothing alarm 

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As much as you’d like to say you can get up naturally, without any one of the deafening smartphone alarms, you’re just BS-ing yourself. Alarm clocks are life, unfortunately, and on your wedding day - with 1000 things going on - you best be up, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed real early. So that you’re not having a panic attack just before your hair and makeup team arrives, and your photographer pops in ahead of schedule for those super cute bridal suite candids. But on the morning of your wedding, no one needs an abrupt wake up call. Instead, think about adding a progression alarm clock to your list of registry items (yes, we’re thinking wayyyy in advance now), and if you get it, make sure you bring it to wherever you’re sleeping the night before your wedding. Queue up peaceful alerts - birds chirping, rainforest sounds, ocean waves, etc. Some of these alarm clocks also have aromatherapy/scent add-ons!! So you can have Jasmine and Lavender essential oils coming atchya to stave off all the soon-to-be worries and stress. There are also some great apps out there, too. No need to spend money if you don’t have to!

Eat the best breakfast of your life 

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Throwing back a strong cup of cold brew and pounding some Jordan almonds ((you know there will inevitably be some of them somewhere during your wedding weekend)) does not equal ‘breakfast of champions’ for the bride. Instead, fuel up for your best day ever with something you make the night before and can tote around everywhere you need to go when you’re tying the knot. Maker Oats is legit our favorittttteee thing to suggest to busy brides who would normally either skip breakfast on their wedding morning or grab an “energy” bar. F*** no!! You need something easy, delicious, nutritious, and even good-looking in those getting-ready pics ((ever seen an acai bowl, parfait or jar of overnight oats that wasn’t gorgeous for the “Gram? Especially in the hands of a very ‘I’m getting married AF’ bride?))

If you’re too stressed the night before, then just add it to your Maid of Honor’s responsibilities for wedding eve. Will seriously take her no time at all, and you’ll be energized like to rockstar you need to be to handle a full wedding day ahead - organic, no sugar added, all the good stuff. It also beats having to send your squad out for a Box of Joe and ALL the Dunkin’ munchkins the next day.

And snack well throughout the day.

Get your gown ready 

Wedding gown hanging on Mrs. hangerPhoto Credit:

It’s easy to forget about your gown in the midst of wedding morning manicness. After all, you had your last fitting, you’ve broken in your shoes (hopefully), your hair and makeup fairy godmothers will be perfecting your face and handling your hair in no time, your ensem seems all buttoned-up, right? Well, it’s not. You have to get it in shape. Make sure your dress comes out of the garment bag early in the day ((away from any potential stain pains, of course)), and hang it up so the train can stretch out, the fabric can settle, and any wrinkles can be worked out. Basically, you want to give your gown some time to breathe. Just like you should be doing!! Give one of your girls the title of #steamqueen, if the dress really needs it. But water stains are a b****, so you’ll want to be sure that whoever is on dress steaming duty is a seasoned pro and can be trusted with hot water around the most important article of clothing you own.

Also. Don’tttttt be like me, and totally forget to invest in a pretty hanger for THE dress. Whether you get an adorable wire one from Etsy, that spells out your new last name, or just a plain wooden one, with a velvet pink ribbon, just make sure you do it. It’s paramount to the whole ‘getting your gown ready’ game. You’re going to have pictures of your dress and all your accoutrements, so they might as well look 👌.

Mix your mimosas with some mocktails 

Be Mixed Lavender Lemonade MocktailPhoto Credit:

We would never say ‘go drink free’ when you’re getting ready. That’s like the best part of the picture. With a mimosa in hand, a veil in her hair, and some Beyoncé blaring in the background, a bride is born. That being said, there’s certainly something to be said for supplementing the spiked sips with some virgin refreshments, like a delicious cucumber mint spa water 😌. So, once you’ve taken down a mimosa or bellini or two, switch to something lighter, super hydrating/thirst-quenching, and less likely to send you off to your ceremony seeing double. Great for you, and great for any members of your bridal party who might be drinking for two…

We’re obsessed with these, and they can absolutely fit into any bridal suite bar cart - marked ‘sans spirits.’

Check your phone for any ?’s from vendors

Bridal suite vanity with Maker OatsPhoto Credit:

We’re definitely not suggesting you be glued to your phone the morning of your wedding. Scrolling through Insta and stalking your wedding hashtag can wait until you’re bored waiting to board your honeymoon flight. But if you’re the point person for vendors that day ((we get it, sometimes you just can’t give up all that control, even to one of your most trusted bridesmaids)), then you need to be sure you check your phone every once in a while - just in case your florist gets lost, or your photographer forgets where you and your crew were getting ready. If I hadn’t checked my phone right before leaving for my ceremony, I would have completely missed a message from our band manager saying that she had forgotten whether we had paid for our lighting (we did, duh) and she needed a photo of the receipt from me just to confirm - otherwise, she’d have to call off the guy responsible for our uplighting. #thehorror.

While you’re sitting in front of the mirror, getting all glammed up, just plug in your phone, and glance down when you can. Missed calls or unanswered texts from vendors can be a symptom of communication breakdowns, and you don’t want that on your big day.

Send an ‘I love you’ to your S.O. 

Throw love around like confetti staged quotePhoto Credit:

You’re the bride, and you’re going all-in today, so remember to take it all in. No matter how you do it, just make sure you send a quick ILY to your fiancé at some point that morning. We can help with that, too - 👉 6 ways to let your partner know how much you love them the day you get married

And for an entirely low-stress wedding day, check it

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