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5 Ways to Deal When You See Your Ex at a Wedding


It’s November, guys. WTF. The year has seriously flown by, and now we’re heading into the holiday season and I, for one, am so not ready for it. Yes, it’s time well spent with family, but it’s also very stressful. A lot of that has to do with old, former friends and classmates posting photos of their home-for-the-holidays hangouts. Can’t even get into how many times I’ve sat home on Blackout Wednesday (you know, that huge night before Thanksgiving when EVERYONE reunites and drinks for the sake of ceremony) with my hubby or sister and drank wine (in excess) while reminiscing about our younger selves and [simultaneously] remembering how old we are now.

From high school reunions to college tailgates, no matter how much we resist, we’re bound to get sucked into some social soiree that we’d rather RSVP ‘no’ to and sit home watching DVR-ed Riverdale… But, weddings, above all, are those occasions that really require a nonsense-free excuse if you’re going to opt out. And staying home to avoid seeing people you’d rather not doesn’t really qualify as one. Yah, your ex could very well be a part of that picture. Awkward AF, we know, but something we can all relate to.

Take some cues from Demi Lovato, she’s a queen at exchanging pleasantries with an ex.

So, before you completely lose it and consider feigning an illness for which the couple will inevitably call bullshit, read through some of our sound advice for staying chill through it all. Really, we get it, it sucks to see the guy or girl who you’d ideally like to stay a relic of your relationship past. You can handle it, though. Just try not to One Tree Hill-it. Remember Lucas and Peyton’s wedding? When Brooke and Julian were ‘on a break,’ but totally tried to one-up each other and let it be known that they were killing it in the single game. They weren’t, obvi.

And if you’re not seeing an ex at a wedding, but feeling particularly anxious about being single over the holidays - we gotcha covered there, too!

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