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Demi Lovato Just Showed Us All How to Congratulate Your Ex


Joe Jonas made it official with his Game of Thrones girl, Sophie Turner.Photo:

No matter how amicably you part ways following a breakup, seeing your ex post pics of his or her new fiancé on social media can easily make your heart drop and your world stop [at least for a couple of seconds]. Sure, it’s nice to say you’ll ‘always be friends,’ but when something as serious as engagement status creeps up, it can quickly have you reminiscing about your glory days or wondering why it ‘wasn’t you’ that he or she decided to spend the rest of forever with.

For diva Demi Lovato, though, seeing her former flame, Joe Jonas, make it official with his Game of Thrones girl, Sophie Turner, didn’t seem to drudge up any ill feelings. In fact, to show just how excited she was for the power couple and their soon-to-be-married milestone, she took to Instagram yesterday to shower them with well wishes.

Adding to the already crazy long thread of congratulations from fans, friends and fam, seriously the two have nearly 100K comments climbing on their complementary we’re-engaged posts since yesterday, Demi wrote “HUGE CONGRATS!!!!! Sooooo happy for the both of you!!!!”

The exclamation marks, cap letters, and all those trailing oooo’s really make it seem like Demi is doing quite well since she was dumped by the DNCE-er in 2010.

Seeing Demi take the news as gracefully as she did, really, she was so appro, made us think about how we’d react if we started seeing all of OUR exes putting a ring on it. With the holidays coming up, and engagement season on the horizon, it’s bound to happen, so we’ve put together a couple quick tips on how to deal and how to show your support. Of course, if you’d rather poke your eyes out than ever stroke your ex’s ego, maybe these aren’t for you… By all means, you do you and feel free to resent (it’s only human), just don’t call attention to yourself…..


If you plan on reaching out and sending your congrats, make sure it’s public, and make sure it’s not a novel. Your ex’s new hubby or wifey to be need not have to worry about you sliding into their now-fiancé’s DMs or texting them with ulterior motives. And you don’t have to go overboard with the best wishes, either. A simple ‘That’s amazing, congrats to the two of you!’ works. Demi’s message was the perfect amount of bubbly and yet still believable. Being extra doesn’t help your case, here, it kind of starts to get fake fast.


In addition to sending Joe and Sophie her best, Demi also started following @sophiet on Insta. It was an innocent enough little nod to Sansa Stark almost as if to say ‘hey, we’re sisters - and I can’t wait to see all of your wedding plans unfold!’ IRL, though, starting to follow your ex’s new bae on social is kind of the definition of stalk-ery. It also kind of looks like you’re trying to find some common ground as eskimo sisters. It’s not cute.


Listen, we know, sometimes it can take a little while for news like this to really sink in. One minute, you can be happy for your late lover, and the next you might be super salty. So, if you really want to put your peace out there, do it sooner than later. If you wait on it for too long, it might just look like you were stressing or sulking or seriously jealous before you decided to share your congrats.


Celebs are notorious about throwing shade via social media (emoji subliminal messages - Tristan Thompson, we see what you did when the news broke about Kylie’s alleged pregnancy) and through their songs (T.Swift, we’re lookin’ atcha). But don’t stoop to that level. If you’re really bummed about news of your ex getting engaged breaking, then refrain as much as possible from posting anything potentially harming or humiliating on your own channels. This means maybe not posting sad/nostalgic song lyrics or putting your ex on blast for anything they did way back when. They’ve moved on, so you can too!


So, Joe once shared that even though he and Demi broke up, they’d remain close friends. And hey, that’s a really, really nice thought. But for the rest of the world, that usually doesn’t work out so perfectly. Bitterness can be a bitch. But even if you and your ex are on the best of terms, it’s not okay to assume you’ll be invited to the future wedding. This is something that only the couple can decide for themselves. Remember, it takes two. Ross wanted Rachel to be at his wedding to Emily way back in 1998, but she said HELL NO, and we can’t say we blame her.

Demi, you are such a lady… and also, we’re still hoping you end up with #nickjonas anyway ;) Speaking of, 
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