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25 Fall Engagement Photos That Give Us All The Feels


If you haven’t gotten the memo yet, it’s sweater weather time… And that just so happens to be the best time to plan your engagement photos if you’re newly engaged. Why? Well, nothing looks better with your sparkly new bauble than a great pair of boots, a chambray dress, and an insanely gorgeous background. Yeah, go ahead and throw in your fiancé too, we’ll allow it 😉. Photo above by HLG Photography.

No, but in all seriousness, fall is ripe with opportunities to get all nice and cozy with your love and smile for the camera. In fact, by going on Instagram and doing a quick comparison among hashtags based on seasons (various iterations of #fallengagement, #fallengagementphotos, versus #winter, #spring, #summer, etc.), it’s crazy to see how many more autumnal adds are there. Maybe it’s the changing leaves, maybe it’s the earlier sunset, maybe it’s just because the first chance at chillier temps brings couples closer together. Whatever the case, we love it, and so do photographers.


We’ve rounded up some of the most adorable photos we could find, from kisses at dusk to humorous Halloween fun (btw, if you’re thinking of going a little dark with your photos, you can consider clowning around) and the most festive fashion that still doesn’t shove fall down your throats, and they’re guaranteed to give you chills. Pun intended!

Next around the corner… winter engagement ideas to match that frosting on your ring finger!