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20 Epic Engagement Photos of 2017


Okay, guys, it’s almost 2018, and as we reflect on the last year, we’re remembering some of the photos that literally had us feeling ALL the feels at various times throughout the year. Yes, a lot of these were epic wedding photos, but so many others were the most incredible engagement photos we’ve ever seen. Hands down, most EPIC, OMFG ‘how beautiful is that?’ status, to be exact. Whether the photos featured a drop dead gorgeous backdrop or, alternately, managed to catch the couple at that money-shot moment of raw emotion and true love realized, they just really took our breath away. We might even dare to say that they’re right up there with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s perfect black and white engagement photos.

In total transparency, a lot of these were taken in the insanely-stunning, picturesque pacific northwest, which accounts for their epicness. You know, all those mountains, deserts, rainforests, coasts, they make for majorly majestic shots. For someone who lives in greater NYC, and had my own engagement session in Hoboken, yeah, I’d say the West Coast does it better (😉 shhh you didn’t hear that from me). That being said, we’ve made sure to scour the entire U.S., Canada and abroad, to include everyone. From graffiti-guised walls in Brooklyn, to cacti-covered desert landscapes in Arizona, splash-tastic coastal captures, and snow-capped forest finds, these loved-up snaps really make us wonder why we didn’t become pro photographers. And then we remember that staging even the simplest iPhone photo causes enough stress - how the hell would we be able to handle photography protocol.

Anyyyyway, before jumping into 20 of the most epic engagement photos from this year, we put together a few tips to consider ahead of your own engagement session. If you’re after that epic quality.

  1. Seek out a photographer known for his or her adventuresome aesthetic (need some help? Just spend a few minutes stalking @wanderingphotographers)

  2. Pick a spot that scares you a little (if you’re hoping to go viral with your e-sesh, then don’t discount those death-defying locales, what doesn’t kill you sure makes for some fierce film)

  3. Wear something killer (don’t worry, we have some wisdom on what to wear and how to style your engagement shoot)

  4. Have fun and focus on your fiancé (if you guys just relax and revel in being with each other, the epicness will just ooze out of you)

Photo courtesy of @noellejohnsun

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