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FYI, Your Honeymoon Doesn’t Need to Be Viral


So, upon sitting inside with a steaming hot cup of cocoa on this 45-degree, NYC day, I decided to be a little vacation voyeuristic. I’ve seen friends come back from Portugal, Iceland, Ireland, Napa Valley (the list goes on BTW) in the last few months, and it’s made me wanderlust AF. Having an almost-one-year-old son at home definitely puts an embargo on any of my trendy travel plans for the next few years. Well, not counting our trip to see M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E in April #disneydiehard.

Anyway, I digress, as I’m busy stalking all of my friends’ jetsetting snapshots, I come across this Conde Nast Traveler story on the ‘pursuit of the viral vacation’ and it basically makes sense of everything I’m doing. Spiraling down a rabbit hole of travel-related hashtags and living vicariously through my friends’ posts.

It also talks about the trend of people going to crazy risky lengths just to turn out the most epic selfie ever. Not sure I’d scale a bridge and dangle my feet (with police below, mind you) just to figure out the perfect pic worthy of thousands of likes… But, to each his own. Some people just live on the edge, I on the other hand, would rather just sit on the edge of my seat and sip wine while scanning through all of these bizarrely bonkers vacay selfies.

Like a wedding that took place 400 feet above the ground. These undaunted newlyweds are the definition of balls to the wall.

All this being said, I think honeymoon adventures should be sacred. You’re already taking the plunge, so why take any more risks by needing to capture your courageous exploits. By the same token, stop stressing about raking in those double-taps and generating crazy amounts of comments. Your honeymoon is about the two of you!! You’re married, you’re blissed-out, probably tipsy on the bubbly and spending as much time in the bedroom as you are on the beach. And that’s exactly how things should be👌.

Truthfully, it’s your first trip away as an official twosome, so whatever you want to do, is A-OKAY in our books. All we’re saying is don’t worry about making your honeymoon headline news. It’s whatever adventure you want it to be, and it’ll be special no matter what. So instead of sacrificing safety or time spent with your S.O. FOR LIFEEEE, focus your energy on creating memories with each other and if you want to capture some of the highlights (like binging on breakfast in bed on the beach, going on a safari, horseback riding along a river, etc.), then do it!! Just make sure you’re including your partner in the posts. Yes, they’re worth sharing the spotlight!

Kelsea Ballerini and her man, Morgan Evans, are certainly reveling in their new titles as Mr. & Mrs.

We scoped out some SO GOOD #honeymoon (and its many iterations) posts that do a great job with bragging about your whereabouts, but also highlighting your new honey.

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