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11 Celeb Beauty Looks Fall+Winter Brides Should Be Stealing

So yeah, celebrities aren’t totally ‘just like us,’ they kind of have dream teams on demand for making them look like utter and total perfection for every red carpet, award show, charity gala, you name it. If only, if only… But for one day, you can and should be getting the star treatment - and rocking a wedding lewk that’s straight out of a celeb makeup artist’s playbook. 

Some of the trends we’ve been seeing on Hollywood’s ‘it’ crowd include ultra dewy, glass skin, tickled-pink complexions, bold, cherry red lips, thinly-masked, high-def lashes, and some serious, but approachable smokey eyes. One thing thing that’s very obvious lately: natural beauty, complemented by a subtle, shimmery highlighting and minimal eye makeup - Saoirse Ronan, we bow down to you.

Whether you’re a bride who likes drama, or one who prefers a simpler semblance, if you find the right MUAs to get you and your girls ready, you’ll be slaying [T.] swift(ly). And some advice, if you’re still up in the air about your beauty for the big day, start screen shotting your favorite celebrity posts and following their glam squads. Makeup artists have celebrity faces committed to memory, so just whip out your latest A-list muse and let them work their magic ✨✨✨

And if you’re not in the market for some aisle-style inspo, but still certifiably celeb-obsessed, think about taking some cues from these Tinseltown trims.