Inspirational Wedding Ideas

10 Accounts to Follow if You’re Planning a Wedding RN!


There are SOOO many things that every new bride-to-be wants to do once she’s got a sparkler on her finger - but we’ll be the first to say RELAX, take a minute, revel in your new ring, hug your new fiancé, and don’t rush into wedding planning just yet. It’s a process and one that doesn’t need pressure right away. So, pour a glass of wine, cue up Netflix, and pull up Instagram on your phone - because really, there’s no better place to start dreamscaping your big day than on the feeds of some of the best wedding pros in the biz.

Okay, maybe there’s another great place, too… like our vendor guide

Some of you will go want to go straight for the aisle style inspo, others will want a few ideas for engagement photos (whether you want to do something casj or super adventurous), and others will just want to dive right into the details - be they color palettes, fabulous floral arrangements, double-tap-worthy tablescapes, etc. And don’t worry if your taste tilts every day, that’s the point of inspiration - you’re curating a vibe for your wedding day, and that’s multilayered.

I got married 3+ years ago, and yet, I still can’t help following new wedding planners every week. Unique escort card displays, creative lounge areas, on-point photo booth vignettes, seriously-schemed signature cocktails, all of these things just give me life.

We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite vendors, from stylists to dress designers, photographers to florists, and if you haven’t heard of them already, you might want to quick hit that ‘follow’ and start stalking their posts. Be warned, though, once you start this ‘feeding’ frenzy (hehe, see what I did there?) you might realize that you’ve been gone for hours and need to turn off your phone and regroup. And that’s👌, that’s what wedding planning does to you.

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