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Jetset Bachelorette Exists to Ensure You Don’t Fire Your Friends

Jetset Bachelorette Exists to Ensure You Don’t Fire Your Friends Photo Credit:

This post is for the girlfriends out there who are honored and pumped to be a part of their best friend’s big day, but stressed as all hell to plan the supporting pieces. The bridal shower is definitely something that’ll need to have finesse and flawless execution, but, if you can believe it, the bachelorette party is an even bigger ask. Brides want epic girl trips these days - ones worthy of tags being cut off new tube tops ((if you don’t know what we’re referencing, we can’t be friends… )) - so they can’t just be planned by amateurs. As someone who had nightly panic attacks while planning my sister’s bachelorette party last summer, I’ll go ahead and say that the pressure to perform is sometimes insurmountable. That’s why we’re so excited that bachelorette planning has become a thing. Chicks, meet Jetset Bachelorette, the bosses who make a living making sure brides and their best friends live their best lives on weekends with serious wow factor.

… Side note, they do it for the grooms and their guys, too, but pretty sure girls are bossier about their sojourns being schemed to a tee. Just our opinion 😉.

Jetset Bachelorette Exists to Ensure You Don’t Fire Your Friends Photo Credit:

These girls are go-tos for your girls weekend

Whether you’re the bride or one of her entourage enlisted to stage the rage for the bachelorette partying, you’re going to want to check this team and their services out. Especially if you’re feeling anxious AF over all the preparations and the potential for a disappointed soon-to-be-missus should you fail. Jetset Bachelorette essentially plans all-inclusive bachelorette parties based on each bride's preferences and budget (all rolled into a per-person package). They take care of everything that goes into planning: accommodations, excursions, activities, transportation, dining reservations, pre-fixe menus at restaurants, decorations and pre-arrival styling, stocking the fridge and bar and more! The only thing they ask is that each group takes care of their own flights; after that, they’ve got everything else covered.

How do they do it? Well, they’ve got hookups with delicious discounts. They are partners with tons of local companies in ALL the major bachelorette destinations, including short term rental companies, tour companies, excursion and activity vendors/venues, and party decor suppliers. They also receive unpublished rates at a large majority of hotels in all the bachy hot spots.

Oh! And one of the best parts: they offer flexible payment plans for their clients so guests can pay in installments. 🙌🙌🙌 We see you broke friends, we see you.

Jetset Bachelorette Exists to Ensure You Don’t Fire Your Friends Photo Credit:

These happy clients can really tell it better than we can.

After all, word of mouth is everything...

"We used this company for my best friend's bachelorette trip and they made everything so easy! From coming up with a unique itinerary, to planning out decorations/party favors, they think of everything. We traveled via plane to our destination and were worried about transporting all the decorations/favors we wanted at the house, but Jetset Bachelorette arranged everything to be set up ahead of time so that when we showed up we could get the party started!" ~ Kelsi // Austin bachelorette

"Jetset Bachelorette took the guesswork out of creating an itinerary for 14 girls in a city I had never been! Trust me, we had girls cancel, join us halfway through the trip or leave early, and some with dietary restrictions, but she made sure each detail was coordinated perfectly. Not only did everyone have an amazing time, so did I! We showed up to a perfectly decorated Airbnb with a STOCKED fridge! I will use her again!" ~ Lauren // Nola bachelorette

"Jetset Bachelorette made everything so easy! A few phone calls and emails to get everything planned and booked. I knew nothing about Nashville and she planned everything from our house, dinner/brunch reservations, ticket/admissions. EVERYTHING!! Super accommodating with payment plans for groups. She made the whole experience so fun and a whole lot less stressful. DO NOT do a bachelorette party without this company. I will use this company for all my events in the future" ~ Kristen // Nashville bachelorette

"Jetset Bachelorette was amazing in planning my dream bachelorette in Palm Springs. I gave her ideas of some things I would like to do and the budget for each girl. With that, she booked different vendors including massages, man servants, a cabana, a photographer, and a private chef. They also went above and beyond and made us reservations for each night we were there. There was an itinerary for each day, which was so nice to follow with 10 girls. We all knew where we had to be every second of the day. It made for a very memorable trip!" ~ Krysta // Palm Springs bachelorette

Jetset Bachelorette Exists to Ensure You Don’t Fire Your Friends Photo Credit:

Baching soon and want to bring in some extra help to ensure it all goes 👍🙌👌? Then you absolutely have to get set with Jetset.


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We partnered with Jetset Bachelorette to share all the details on how these party planners get things done for the greatest girls getaways ever. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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