Beautiful Oregon Wedding

Photographer: Erich McVey
Event Designer: Coco & Lily
Makeup: Beth Level
Caterer: Wooden Nickel Catering
Cinematography: Nate Baston
Coordinator: Jessica Amos-McElravy
DJ: Daniel Jones
Dress Designer: Watters
Flowers: Barb McAllister
Groom's Attire: Bar III from Macy’s
Jewelry: Samantha Mello

Read on to hear how some of Nat and Meaghan's budget breakdown and some terribly helpful tips. Please keep in mind prices do change and this is just a rough estimate so you can see what a wedding like this might cost you.

1. Would I have done anything differently?
One thing I had not planned on doing was changing out of my dress during the reception. It was very muggy and my dress, strapless, was having a hard time staying in place. I had packed a sundress in my overnight bag - nothing special, which I ended up wearing for the remainder of the celebration. As my husband and I are pretty casual people, I was not too worried about it. I was much more comfortable and it was the natural thing to do given the circumstances. If you are a bride with a strapless dress who likes to dance as much as I do, I would definitely recommend planning ahead and bringing a second dress just in case, and, depending on your budget, it doesn't need to be fancy. I was comfortable and had the time of my life.

2. Budget Breakdown
After knowing our venue would be free, we knew we could spend a little more on photography and outdoor lighting in addition to choosing our own providers for catering and rentals. We were able to pool our resources with friends to get great deals on decor, music, beverages, dessert, and accommodations.

Guests Count: 200
Venue and Reception: Free (family member's home)
Accommodations: Free + $100 for breakfast
We pitched tents and camped out after the wedding with some of our guests, which made for an amazing night as well as a safe alternative to driving home late on country roads. We provided breakfast for everyone the next morning and spent around $100. <---- steal worthy idea

Venue & Food
Outdoor lighting: $800
300 feet of bistro lights and 750 feet of battery-operated twinkle lights found on Amazon
Rentals: $1,790
A to Z Party Rentals: Tables, chairs, linens, plates (dinner & dessert), dessert forks, water glasses, wine glasses, glass water dispensers
Catering: $1,987
Wooden Nickel Catering & a private business: Kettle Chips for the cocktail hour and pulled pork and portobello mushroom sliders and an elaborate fruit and vegetable display for dinner. Family and friends provided assorted pies for dessert.
Beverages: $350
We purchased kegs from Gilgamesh Brewing and sparkling cider while a family friend provided the wine from his vineyard.
Dance Floor: borrowed Persian rug

Flowers & Décor
Flowers: $350
Bride’s Bouquet: White hydrangea, ranunculus and baby’s breath with burlap and twine
Bride's flower crown: Baby's breath
Bridesmaid Bouquets: Baby’s breath with burlap and twine
Boutonnières: Succulents and rosemary sprigs with twine
Reception Décor: $200
(Borrowed from friends and purchased from thrift stores and Goodwill)
Vases and other vessels: Brass, silver, glass and milk glass
Candlesticks: brass
Picture frames: mixed metal
Flowers: Succulents and baby’s breath
Guestbook: Vintage post cards
Other décor items: brass pheasants and quail, silver goblets, and vintage toasting glasses for bride and groom

DIY Décor
Pie Plates: Around $5 each
Second hand plates and large brass candlesticks glued together and arranged for varying heights
Tea light candle-holders: Free
Drilled birch branches of varying sizes and shapes
Table runners: $60
Instead of purchasing bolts of lace fabric, I saved a lot of money by purchasing lace curtains from goodwill. We ironed them and then measured and cut them to size. This took around 3 hours and we had enough for 272 feet, which was perfect for 34 six-foot tables.