Wedding Chicks

Stand By Your Man!

We feel like we need to give a little groom love! Ok, so all this time and energy spent on your gown, jewelry, shoes, and on and on .... The poor grooms are almost an after-thought. Sad, sad we say. They are just sent to the tux shop to pick up a black suit and a tie. That's it? That's all they get? Come on girls, let's give the fellas a little attention! What can you do, you ask? Lot's of things! Let's get started! Here are some ultra cool looks from J. Crew.
A clean and modern tux for a formal, evening wedding.


A classic look that would fit a wedding of almost any venue or style.


A perfect fit for a destination or a garden wedding.


The Suit:
The suit doesn't always have to be black. Depending on the style of your wedding, why not try a gray suit, a tan suit, or even a chocolate brown suit?
Did you notice that I said 'suit' and not 'tux'? It doesn't have to be a tux either, how about just a great suit that looks super sharp?

The Tie:
Bye bye, boring old tie. Let's shake things up with a super sheik bow tie.
How about a color or a pattern to liven things up? Now we are living on the edge, aren't we?

The Socks:
Put your dad's socks back!! Grab a pair of cool argyle socks with some style!

Your man should dress according to your event, but be sure that his personal style still shines through!