Wedding Paper Giveaway From SplashOfSilver

splash of silver wedding stationery giveaway

Face the facts, you need to notify your family and friends that you are going to get married and would love to have them attend your wedding. In order to  do this you will need to send them an invitation for this joyous occasion. That being said … why not get it for free from SplashOfSilver. Or at least $350 towards all of your wedding paper goods.

Below is just a nibble of what they have to offer. Click here to see all their goodies, and scroll down to see how you can win big.

chalk board wedding invites

water color save the dates

splashofsilver color chart

SplashOfSilver has a ton of color options for all of their goods, they can also change the language of your paper goods and add a pretty back side to any of your pieces. From elegant to cheeky fun they have a little something for everyone.

Chevron wedding invite

colorful bunting stationery

wedding announcements

wedding advice cards

rustic wedding invites

wedding giveaway

One lucky reader will receive a $350 gift certificate to SplashOfSilver online store. Follow the easy directions below to enter to win!

1. Visit SplashOfSilver
2. Leave a comment below on your favorite piece before July 1, 2014. Winner will be announced on July 2, 2014 on SplashOfSilver’s Facebook page.

This contest is over winner. Winner will be announced on Splash of Silver's Facebook Page.

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  1. -100. @penniej333 says:

    RT @weddingchicks: When we say “Give”, you say “Away”! Who would love to win their wedding stationery from @_SplashOfSilver?…

  2. -100. Gillian Kerrison says:

    Love all your stationary and always looks unique and quirky x

  3. -100. Arjay Vergara says:

    My fiance and I love the Modern, Contemporary, Stripes wedding design. Thank you for the giveaway – this would be great to win! :)

  4. -100. Laura Pospiech says:

    I would love to win the Modern, Contemporary, Stripes (Wedding Design #34) !!! So beautiful :)

  5. -100. Kelly Peterson says:

    Love the chalkboard and *censored* just got real, look on invitations. I havent seen anything like that yet and it seems to fit who my fiancè and I are so well, laid back and ready to have a great time celebrating with our friends and family!

  6. -100. Sarah Olerich says:

    So many designs I love! What an exciting give-away for Splash of Silver! It would be a joy to work with you for my wedding!

  7. -100. Jareesa Tucker says:

    Hands down my favorite is the “Sh*t Just Got Real” Save the Date – it’s something I could see my fiance and I saying about our engagement!

  8. -100. Jessica Bosse says:

    I would love to incorporate Splash of Silver’s designs in our wedding day. I’m a Toronto based wedding photographer and planning my own wedding has been so exciting. We’re getting married at an old industrial brick building built in 1907 with a rooftop terrace. We love typography and clean design so Wedding Design #28 fits perfectly with our wedding! Thank you so much for the giveaway and fingers crossed we get to incorporate these stunning invites for our big day!

  9. -100. Kelsey says:

    Absolutely love the Modern, Gold Foil, Hipster, Rocker, Art Deco, Cheeky, Witty, Black, Matte, Save the Date Postcard. We are having a pretty formal wedding but would love to do something fun for our save the days.

  10. -100. @kaiosa says:

    RT @weddingchicks: When we say “Give”, you say “Away”! Who would love to win their wedding stationery from @_SplashOfSilver?…

  11. -100. Kallie says:

    I love the chalkboard invitations and programs, especially Wedding Design #24!

  12. -100. KaylaB says:

    I LOVE Wedding Design #26 :)

  13. -100. @reuttersismovin says:

    RT @weddingchicks: When we say “Give”, you say “Away”! Who would love to win their wedding stationery from @_SplashOfSilver?…

  14. -100. Kate V says:

    I like the Modern, Contemporary, Stripes (Wedding Design #34) invite suite. Very nice!

  15. -100. Caitlyn says:

    i’d love to win this for my sister!

  16. -100. Dallanna says:

    I love all the invites!

  17. -100. Rebecca Solomon says:

    I love design #24 its the nicest chalkboard style I have come across although it is hard to choose just one design!

  18. -100. Veranda H. says:

    These are all fricking awesome but I just love the romantic floral aspects of Wedding Design #21.

  19. -100. Alison says:

    I love the simplicity and rustic elegance of Wedding Design #32. Seriously, I adore everything about it. Hope I can win! :)

  20. -100. Jennifer says:

    Love love love Wedding Design #20, that save the date is hilarious and perfect!

  21. -100. @WeddingXpert says:

    @weddingchicks Wedding Paper Giveaway From SplashOfSilver – Face the facts, you need to notify your family and fr…

  22. -100. Aleishla says:

    Beautiful and gorgeous!!

  23. -100. @ubcboathouse says:

    RT @weddingchicks: This chalkboard stationery could be FREE and customized for your wedding! See how easy it is to enter to win here: http:…

  24. -100. Heather R says:

    I love the wedding programs, especially the rustic kraft paper/floral ones! so cute and matches our style so well.

  25. -100. Amber Fox says:

    I LOVE the chalkboard set! It’s vintage and I was planning on using chalkboards at my wedding!

  26. -100. Nicole Goulding says:

    I love the modern chevron design…

  27. -100. Matt says:
  28. -100. @MissLaurieCo says:

    Wedding Paper Giveaway From SplashOfSilver via @WeddingChicks

  29. -100. Anne Laure says:

    Beautiful invites!

  30. -100. Paige says:

    We’ll be getting married at a bed and breakfast on a beautiful lake in Michigan. The understated elegance of wedding design #11 would fit perfectly with our day. What a better way to set the tone than with an amazing invitation?!

  31. -100. Christina says:

    We love Design #31 and #22 :)

  32. -100. Babilon Mia says:

    Hard to choose !! The designs are lovely !! But, for sure, if I win it would be a pleasure to pick design #32 :) simple, rustic, elegant… All what I need :) !!
    Thanks Splash of Silver for the give-away !! It would be a joy to work with you for my wedding! Fingers crossed !!

  33. -100. Nicholetta Christodoulidou says:

    Your webpage is amazing and very helpfull!!!!! i hope to win but even if i dont win i want my invitations to be like the one you have!!!!!

  34. -100. Megan says:

    I am absolutely obsessed with the Wedding Invitation Suite Chalkboard, the little pink and blue flower details are to die for! Such perfection!

  35. -100. Christina says:

    I love Wedding Design #30, so simple and sweet!

  36. -100. Natalie Wetherwax says:

    I love wedding design #6! All the designs are simply gorgeous but this one is so cute and the lace and rustic feel is just what I’m looking for :)

  37. -100. Vickey Tsai says:

    I love the wedding itinerary stationary!!!

  38. -100. Mandy says:

    I love all of the bridal shower invitations – so feminine, and go perfectly with the vintage theme of my wedding

  39. -100. Hannah says:

    I love the “censored” just got real save the date! I could imagine my fiance and I sending out a select set of those to friends. I also love the rustic simplicity of their natural paper invites with just black print on them.

  40. -100. Kimberly Irland says:

    Love these styles, definitely something to look into! and the giveaway is an awesome idea!

  41. -100. Natalie rearson says:

    Love the woody, floral themes, perfect for my sisters countryside theme! She’s just saving the date today! X

  42. -100. Samantha says:

    AMAZING invites! Saying Hi from Ireland, and praying to win this brilliant prize! My favourites are #24, #13, #21 & #15, but there are so many gorgeous ones! fingers crossed!

  43. -100. Owen says:

    I would have one happy lady if I won this prize for my future wife. She loves all the rustic themed invites. Please let me win to earn some brownie points!!

  44. -100. Joanna M says:

    these are amazing! I love the modern woodland. :-)! so adorbs

  45. -100. Laura Convery says:

    I love wedding set #14! It fits perfectly with our colors and theme :)

  46. -100. Shannon says:

    Love design #5, it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for!

  47. -100. Kerry Donovan says:

    AWAY!!! I <3 the Gatsby #26 design the most <3 <3 <3

  48. -100. Jillian Petrie says:

    I love the “Modern, Chalkboard, Floral, Flowers, Laurel, Wreath, Rustic, Black, Vintage, Bridal Shower, 2014, Chalk – Printable, Custom – DIY” gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous… a girl can dream!

  49. -100. Jantra Stone says:

    What an incredible giveaway! My Fiance and I are planning a vintage, woodsy wedding and the Wedding Suite Design #21 (vintage, floral, flowers, modern, spring, fauna) is beyond perfect for us! The RSVP cards are hilarious and we would love to incorporate our silly humor and playfulness into our wedding. Thanks for the opportunity and happy marriage to all the soon-to-be brides out there!

  50. -100. Megan Romero says:

    I love the vintage water color painted post card! So simple but still gorgeous!

  51. -100. Charise says:

    Love Wedding Design #21!! :-)

  52. -100. Ashley Robertson says:

    With me being recently let go of a job and my fiance not making the best money we could use all the help we could get and winning money towards invitations would really make our May wedding special and help out a lot.

  53. -100. Resa Rawley says:

    My daughter is getting married next summer with a faury garden theme. All your designs are beautiful. We would be especially interested in a simple floral or vintage design. All of your invitations are beautiful!

  54. -100. Rachel Nugent says:

    I love the “Wedding Advise” Card. What a fantastic idea and such BEAUTIFUL work :)

  55. -100. Amy Reiha says:

    I love love love design 24 on the chalkboard! It fits the style of my perfectly!

  56. -100. Angela M says:

    I love all of the designs, but my favorite is the chalk board design, it would fit perfectly in my rustic barn theme! :)

  57. -100. Alyss Diaz says:

    This would be an amazing giveaway to win! Gorgeous invitations and save the dates my fireman and I would love any of these!!! Such a good deal =)

  58. -100. Brittany Huff says:

    I’m absolutely in LOVE with chalk board design, it looks like it was made specifically for our wedding!!!

  59. -100. Ashley Elliott says:

    I love the chalkboard look invitations. It would fit our Nashville wedding perfectly!

  60. -100. gagan kamboj says:

    OMG !! Love all these creative designs, would be great for my wedding theme. Looking forward !!

  61. -100. Autumn Carter says:

    I love the one that says sh*t just got real. This fits our relationship perfect!!!

  62. -100. kylee marcy says:

    Shit just got real!

  63. -100. Staci Lewis says:

    Love the wedding guide on Kraft paper!! Loveeeeeeee it!

  64. -100. Summer Hudson says:

    These are to die for! So beautiful! <3

  65. -100. Emilee says:
  66. -100. Jaimee Lafleur says:

    I love the chalkboard look!

  67. -100. Rene says:

    Wedding Invitation Set DEPOSIT – Printable, Custom, DIY – Woodland, Spring, Tree, Wood Grain, Hipster, Trendy, 2015 (Wedding Design #42)

  68. -100. Meredith Sabens says:

    I love the confetti invitations!

  69. -100. Corrie christine says:

    Lovely work! I absolutely adore style #26. The navy blue and gold are my favorite combination. Beautiful work.

  70. -100. Kelly Balk says:

    I pinned that sh*t just got real save the date ages ago and have been searching for it ever since! Absolutely love!!

  71. -100. AlexisH says:

    I love the Wedding Program DEPOSIT – Printable, Custom – DIY Wedding – Chalkboard, Double Sided, Chalk, Sweet, 2015, Modern, Cute (Wedding Design #24)

  72. -100. Elizabeth F says:

    Love the chalkboard style! So cute :)

  73. -100. Jena says:

    Love all of your designs! Especially the *two best friends* one! Super cute!

  74. -100. Kelsey Sims says:

    I love the rustic invitations (Wedding design #22)!

  75. -100. ashley says:

    I love the shit just got real invites. it fits our personality so well.. :) not sure the family would like it but what’s it matter? I’m buying the invites!!

  76. -100. Emily Tynes says:

    I love the censored wedding invite! Totally awesome and unique!

  77. -100. Sarah says:

    Loved the Wedding Invitation Set DEPOSIT – Printable, Custom, DIY, Watercolor Flowers, Calligraphy, Chalk, Rustic, Invite Kit (Wedding Design #45)
    This would be wonderful to win!

  78. -100. Shelby Babcock says:

    Love the Sh*t Just Got Real design as well as the Chevron Turquoise and Coral (wedding design #2). Would love to use either for my wedding!

  79. -100. Lauren Shedaker says:

    I LOVE love love the rustic designs! Would be such an awesome birthday surprise (my birthday is on the first) to have! This would be a dream come true for my fiance and I who are funding our entire wedding. Good Luck to the Winner!

  80. -100. Kayla Gray says:

    I LOVE Splash Of Silver’s style of their pieces. I just recently got engaged, and I remember viewing their etsy page several time thinking about how I wanted to order save the dates, invitations, etc..from them one day…AND NOW THE DAY IS HERE! The fonts and mason jars incorporated in some of their pieces won me over immediately!
    -the FUTURE Mrs. Tompkins

  81. -100. Kerin says:

    Love design # 51! The flowers are beautiful and the casual script of the “save the date” text is exactly what I want for my wedding invitations :)

  82. -100. Pam Ibarra says:

    Beautiful pieces! My favorite is the Rustic, Kraft Paper with the Jars :)

  83. -100. Kristen says:

    I love the rustic suite– my fiancée and I are getting married in the redwoods! :-)

  84. -100. Mickey says:

    Never thought I would be so obsessed with wedding invites! The “stuff” just got real matches my fiancé and I’s personality perfectly! I keep picturing our family and friends opening these up! They are so us! If I won the giveaway this would be a no brainier!


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