Not Just food

Eleonora and Fulvio are first and foremost two wonderful individuals, but they also make a truly beautiful couple. For their wedding, we immediately decided to adopt a “shabby chic” mood, with a prominence of white with natural colours and fabrics, and a little touch of vintage. Everything was developed around their passion for cooking (a real passion, not just a vague interest) and their many other interests. The idea was to create an “Author’s Menu”, a full menu inspired by great authors of world-renowned novels and movies. Food with a wider scope, hence not intended just to feed the body, but nurture the soul as well. Food to make someone fall in love, feel relaxed, happy, or perhaps even jealous. The kitchen is effectively a place where you cook and eat, but it is moreover a place where to meet, to celebrate, to love. Food and cuisine, in latter definitions, have been dealt with by many famous writers and directors. And their work became our inspiration for That Day.

Design & Planning: THAT DAY di Monica Ferraris
Photo: Ivana Porta
Video: Videare

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