Handmade Rubber Stamp for Infinite Love

A perfect, hand-crafted stamp for your special day. Your names will be incorporated in an original love and infinity loop design, and you have the option to leave out the date underneath – and get a stamp even more versatile for after your wedding.

The stamp is hand-carved by Tyr, a graphic designer and rubber stamp artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. You can order one at the address below for your dream wedding and have it shipped to all across the globe.

Stamp Maker : “this is just to say” stamps

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  1. -100. Victoria walker says:

    I want one of these! I’m def going to order it this week!!!

  2. -100. Jessica richardson says:

    I absolutely love the stamp idea.. How do I order one as I can’t see where to place order?

  3. -100. Jamie Mckersie says:

    love it!! So cute! How do I order one???

  4. -100. Anne says:

    Bonjour j’aimerais savoir où je peux me procurer vos tampons de mariage est-il possible de faire un achat en ligne avec une personnalisation merci d’avance Anne

  5. -100. Stephanie says:

    Love it how do I order one?

  6. -100. Ja says:

    Cute! How do i order this? Please contact me fast.

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  8. -100. Mase says:

    Where to buy? mase408@gmail.com

  9. -100. Nadia says:

    How do I ordre the handmade rubber stamp infinite love?

  10. -100. Nadia says:

    How do i ordre this handmade rubber stamp infinite love?

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