Although gorgeous bride Molly tied the knot with her fiance Jaime last winter, she made their first wedding anniversary super special by giving her husband their edited WeddingMix video as a gift! Read on to see how she made her December wedding one of the warmest (and wildest) videos ever!

My husband and I live in Chicago and got married in Columbus, Ohio (my hometown) on December 29, 2012. I had three requirements for our wedding: dancing, open bar, and ice cream sundaes; the Athletic Club of Columbus allowed us to have all three and more.

We did both our ceremony and reception at the venue. Candles and white lights added the perfect touch of romance to the space—we didn’t need more than simple white flowers and greenery to create a glow in the space.

I stumbled upon WeddingMix two days before the wedding. I was in panic mode at that point, and stumbled upon a Facebook post from a friend who was planning a wedding for the end of 2013: “Should we hire a videographer?” Glancing through the replies to her question, it was immediately clear that we had made the wrong decision in NOT hiring one.

Thankfully, Google lead me to Storymix Media. I called to get the scoop on this company, and within minutes my video app package was ready to go. Easy as that! The set-up process was seamless, “how to video” directions were clear, and when all was said and done, we collected over 100 video clips from our wedding guests. The key to getting so many was “tapping” a few phone-obsessed guests to lead the taping charge and spread the word about the app. It did take me some time to get all of these videos edited down, but in the end, it was worth the effort, and I was able to give a copy of our video to my husband for our first year wedding anniversary.

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