Fresh Floral Headpieces

floral head piece

We could not agree more with Adornments Flowers & Finery that decking yourself with fresh flowers can be the ultimate feminine fashion statement for your wedding. You can be whimsical, playful, demure or wildly majestic. You could have a large floral headpiece or something a little small. Either way you go, you are bound to look gorgeous.

Here are just a few of the marvelous fresh floral headpieces, you must see all of them in the full gallery here. All beautifully captured by Michelle Warren Photography and styled to perfection by Beauty Mark Marketing. We mustn’t forgot about the beautiful hair and makup done by Rhyan Townsend.

flower head pieces

michelle warren photography

floral head piece

From Adornments Flowers & Finery:
We couldn’t resist having some fun with this trend. A detail that is typically seen on flower girls but is greatly dramatized with brides and bridesmaids, various colors and textures were used to further the alluring feeling of enchantment.

Knowing it would all be captured by the stunning artistry of Michelle Warren Photography, we created pieces with flora of rich, deep and vibrant hues and the sensuality of neutral shades. The coastal setting of the Cass House Inn was a natural and serene backdrop to our vision of soft, lovely days abundant with passion.

wedding hair ideas

michelle warren photography

floral head piece

flower girl ideas

floral head piece

Photographer: Michelle Warren Photography
Venue: Cass House Inn, Cayucos CA
Hair & Makeup: Rhyan Townsend
Creative Director, Florist & Styling: Adornments Flowers & Finery
Fashion & Beauty Collaboration: Kierna Terrisse from Beauty Mark Marketing

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  1. -100. @weddingchicks says:

    We adore florals – especially when used as a fashion statement! @BeautyMarkM @CassHouse

  2. -100. @FloristsReview says:

    Beautiful head pieces! RT @weddingchicks We adore florals – especially when used as a fashion statement!

  3. -100. @HYBdresses says:

    Looking for the perfect head piece for your special day, look no further @weddingchicks has you covered @BeautyMarkM

  4. -100. @mwfoto says:

    RT @weddingchicks: We adore florals – especially when used as a fashion statement! @BeautyMarkM @CassHouse

  5. We adore floral headpieces! These are all gorgeous, I especially like the headpieces on the flower girls! :)

  6. -100. @CakeladyAbi says:

    RT @weddingchicks: We adore florals – especially when used as a fashion statement! @BeautyMarkM @CassHouse

  7. Love these! If I wore one, it would probably be the one with the flowers on the side, but they are all gorgeous!

  8. -100. Judi Soderstrom says:

    Beautiful work!
    Gorgeous models and incredibly creative designers and staff.
    I love Adornments
    Keep up the good work –I love to see your newest creations!
    hugs, Judi Soderstrom

  9. -100. @ohsoverypretty says:

    Totally loving these gorgeous floral headpieces! via @weddingchicks

  10. -100. @BeautyMarkM says:

    Fresh Floral Headpieces via @po_st

  11. -100. Steven says:

    Really love these! But I’m wondering, thos bigger pieces, how comfortable are they on a hot day? But besides that… wow!

  12. -100. @darth_sydious says:

    Fresh floral headpieces!! Gorgeous!!!

  13. -100. Amanda Hill says:

    These are beautiful head pieces. I love the ones for the flower girls.

  14. Thanks Wedding Chicks for another awesome feature!!! Such an honor to be included here on your site.

    Laurel from Adornments Flowers & Finery is always such a pleasure to work with!!!! We had a lot of fun at this shoot!

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  63. -100. Videograaf Bruiloft says:

    Great portraits! I love the use of natural looking colors. Really ‘film like’!


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